Everton Football Club – 50 years jubilee celebrations

"Play Up, Liverpool"

Wednesday, April 24 – 1929
Historic Gathering of 600 at the Philharmonic Hall
Great Record of a Pioneer Club
Old Players Listen to their Feats in the Light of History –Epoch Making Reunion
Full Report of Speeches

By Blackstaff
Everton F.C celebrated its fifty-year career by a banquet at the Philharmonic Hall on Wednesday, April 24. There were over six hundred people and a feature of the gathering was the sight of famous players of the early year days, who listened to eulogies of their deeds, and signed autographs by the hundred.

In view of the tremendous interest with the attainment of fifty years’ unbroken connection with the highest class of football has caused among Everton followers all over the world, the “Football Echo” presents a full report of the proceedings for the especial benefit of thousands who could not be present.
No vivid description is necessary – the speeches…

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