Liverpool F.C. – the rocky road to March, 1892

Are you curious about the early days of Liverpool Football Club? I have spent more than 10 years looking through old newspapers and collected every bit of print that has mentioned our club or the rocky road leading up to the foundation of our beloved Liverpool F.C.

I have written an article about how I see the foundation. You can read that article here:

And, below you will find links and info to all the newspaper articles I have added from the summer of 1891 until the first ever mentioning of Liverpool Football Club in March, 1892.

Date Article headline Info to be found in the article
May 8 – 1891 Presentation of the Football League trophy EFC winning the League and it all seem to be harmony within the club
May 15 – 1891 The Everton F.C. AGM. Note the mood in the hall when a few people stand up to ask questions
Sep 1 – 1891 Everton F.C. to become a listed company? Rumours of listed company appears in media
Sep 15 – 1891 Proposal to form Everton F.C. Into a Limited Company EFC meeting to consider proposal of becoming a Limited Company
Sep 20 – 1891 Where are Everton to permanently pitch their tent? Questions arises – to buy Anfield or rent somewhere else?
Sep 24 – 1891 Mr. Orrell ready to accept £120 The word dispute appears in the EFC camp
Sep 29 – 1891 Awaiting Mr. Houlding’s reply Mr. Orrell wants to sell his land, does Mr. Houlding want to sell?
Oct 10 – 1891 Fractions arising Article clearly showing fractions within the Everton club
Oct 12 – 1891 Houlding cancels the rental agreement with the Everton Club Houlding tells Everton FC to get out Anfield on April 30 – 1892, the latest
Oct 29 – 1891 Meeting with John Houlding and friends John Houlding’s football allies meet for a dinner at the Bee’s Hotel
Jan 23 – 1892 The future of Everton F.C. Houlding’s reply to the sub-committee re sale of land
Jan 25 – 1892 A club torn in two fractions Agreement to form a Limited Company, but W.E. Barclay resigns from the Board
Jan 26 – 1892 The formation of a Limited Company John Houlding and friends try to coupe the Everton name
Jan 28 – 1892 Letter to the editor of Field Sports A supporter’s view of the situation at Everton Football Club
Jan 30 – 1892 The new company’s claim More of the coupe of the Everton Football Club name
Feb 1 – 1892 Which fraction will the FA and the Football League support? Field Sports believes John Houlding’s actions should be ok with the FA and the Football League
Feb 2 – 1892 John Houlding refused book of the members John Houlding applied to the Board of Directors at Everton F.C. to get a copy of the members list – request refused
Feb 4 – 1892 John Houlding refused the use of the Everton-name in football matters The FA rules that there cannot be two clubs with the same Everton Football Club name
Feb 6 – 1892 A new way to get the members’ names The new club founded by John Houlding & co with a newspaper advertisement
Feb 8 – 1892 What does the Clayton side of the fraction wants to do? John Houlding reply to the Everton Football Club’s Board of Directors is delayed
Feb 15 – 1892 Letters to EFC from Mr. John Orrell The generous Mr. Orrell and the money-grabbing Mr. Houlding
Feb 15 – 1892 The friends and the enemies Summary of the history of Everton Football Club
Feb 15 – 1892 Everton goes for Goodison Park The Clayton side decides that Goodison Park is their new ground
Feb 15 – 1892 A football poem A member of the ‘old Everton’ with a poem in the local newspaper
Feb 22 – 1892 All the lies about Mr. John Houlding A friend of John Houlding defends his actions
Feb 22 – 1892 Another football club is registered Clayton and his friend tries to get one back over Houlding & co. Actually first article where the ‘Liverpool’ name is mentioned
Feb 26 – 1892 The Football League supports Everton Football Club First the FA, and now the Football League give their support to Clayton and Everton Football Club
Feb 29 – 1892 In defence of Mr. Houlding’s scheme An old member of Everton F.C. Defends the actions of John Houlding
Mar 1 – 1892 Out of the frying-pan into the fire Alex Nesbit defends the actions of forming the Limited Company to the Everton FC board
Mar 7 – 1892 What courtesy from a shylock? Field Sports claim an Everton FC without John Houlding is an impossibility
Mar 12 – 1892 Preparations for the special general meeting of Everton Football Club Copy of circular sent all members of the Everton Football Club
Mar 15 – 1892 The final battle of the Everton Football Club The EFC members kick John Houlding out of office, but leaves the Limited Company club alive
Mar 18 – 1892 Liverpool F.C. Seek affiliation with the FA John Houlding and friends settles with the Liverpool name

John Houlding, the founder of Liverpool F.C. and former President of the Everton F.C.
John Houlding

The Everton team during the 1891-92 season. Their last season at Anfield.
EFC 1892 22

Anfield football ground in 1892.
Anfield 1892

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