Welcome to “Play up, Liverpool”

If you have just surfed by for the first time or you are a returning visitors – welcome to “Play up, Liverpool”. This is not a new website. It is a re-branding of my wold blog “kjellhanssen.com”. I thought it was about time to change the url into a more Liverpool friendly term.

What’s the meaning of the name, and what information can one find on this blog?

Liverpool Football Club has been my team since I was six years old. I got a red shirt and my mother sewed a “number 7” on the back and called med “Keegan”. Little did I know then about the great past and the great future that awaited the reds – but a small Kopite was brought to the supporters’ alter for his baptism that day in 1975.

Since I moved to the UK in 2001 we got closer to the libraries around and I have always had a passion for history. Local history, country history, family history and football history. Through 1980s, 1990s and 2000s numerous books were published about the history of Liverpool F.C. What more was there to be discovered?

I guess I have an appetite for double checking facts and figures. I started from the beginning and almost immediately I discovered differences in line ups and goals scored for Liverpool in their early matches in the 1890s. From then the snowball has been rolling.

What you will find on this blog is articles transcribed from newspapers since the dawn of the club in 1892. Every now and then I write an article about a topic, or a guest writer appears with his, or hers, views. It is my hope that the black and white, colourless, past will be a colourful guide through the history of our club.

I have collected “one liners”, small “snippets”, full page “Nuggets” and article series. The job is by no means done. With over 7,500 articles on the blog – the work has just started. Here you will find the stories of how of our first ever goalkeeper migrated to Australia, how a centre forward in the 1900s tried to save a woman from burning to death, players on strike, a reverend as our captain, and a few articles some players criminal records – beside all the victories, trophies, and triumphs.

For the last 50 years “You’ll never walk alone” has been our anthem. In recent years “Fields of Anfield-road” has come on, as well. Back in the 1890s there was no fans singing – they were shouting and often in union with each other. One person started “Play up, Liverpool” then a few more joined in and then a few more.

Now you have joined in as well. Welcome to “Play up, Liverpool,” and may you enjoy your visit!

Kjell Hanssen, November 18, 2015 (exactly 100 years after Liverpool beat Blackburn Rovers 3-1 at Anfield in a War time League match in-front of 14,000 spectators).

cropped-anfield-18921.jpg Liverpool 18921892 ad sharesadvertisement LFC 1915


  1. I’m the loyal readers of this blog. The new domain names doesn’t confused me at all, I knew this site very well so I just thought, “He changes the domain name.”

    Regards from Indonesia. 🙂

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