Second practice game at Anfield

August 28, 1896 The second practice game of Liverpool F.C. took place at Anfield Friday, and the ground was comfortably filled with local enthusiasts. Sides of Blue and White faced each other, and, contrary to all anticipation, the White had altogether the better of the game, and won […]

The great English clubs 1896-7

August 25, 1896 All the leading Association teams are now in practice for the opening of the season of 1896-7, which will be inaugurated in Scotland on 15th August, and in England on 1st September. The time which has elapsed since the last season closed has been utilised […]

Tom Watson’s first day in office

Monday, August 24 – 1896 Mr. Tom Watson left Sunderland on Saturday morning, for Liverpool, where he commenced his duties as secretary of the Liverpool Football Club yesterday. A large crowd, including the Sunderland players, assembled at the station to see him off, and much good feeling was […]

Ticket prices at Anfield 1896/97

Saturday, August 22 – 1896 The committee of the Liverpool F.C. had a very pleasant meeting last Tuesday evening at headquarters, and among other business absolutely necessary for the approaching season was the alterations in charge for membership. It was decided to fix the figures at 10s 6d […]

Practice game at Anfield before 15,000 spectators

August 20, 1896 Practice games, preparatory to the serious business of the football season, have once again come into fashion, and the enthusiastic crowd, numbering about 15.000, that lined the enclosure at Anfield-road Thursday evening, demonstrated the eagerness with which the approaching season is awaited. The ground appeared […]

The Liverpool F.C. picnic of 1896

Saturday, August 8 – 1896 The small, but beautiful village of Freshfield was the chosen rendezvous last Saturday for the annual outing of the committee, players, and some of the friends of the Anfield club, and judging by the expressions of many of them on their return to […]

No Chippendale at Anfield

August 1, 1896 The full list of Liverpool’s players who are to uphold he honour of the Anfielders next season is: – Storer and Donnelly, goalkeepers; Goldie, Wilkie, Dunlop, McQueen, backs; McCartney, McQue, Cleghorn, Neill, J McLean, Bill Keech, J Holmes, halves; Ross, Geary, McVean, Allan, Michael, Becton, […]

Frank Brettell to Bolton Wanderers

August 1, 1896 It is somewhat of a coincidence that just at the moment that the Liverpool club is securing a secretary in the person of the renowned Mr Tom Watson, the Bolton Wanderers should be appointing as their secretary one who has been so closely identified with […]

Interview with Mr. Frank Brettell

July 28, 1896 The Wanderers` new secretary Interview with Mr. Brettell As is pretty well known by now, at the meeting of the Bolton Wanderers` directors on Tuesday evening, Mr. Frank E Brettell, of Liverpool, was unanimously appointed secretary, succession to Mr. A.H. Downs, who resigned the position […]

Football League meeting (July 28, 1896)

July 28, 1896 A meeting of the Management Committee was held at the Oberon Hotel, Grimsby, on Tuesday. There were present – Messrs. John James Bentley (president), Ford, Haigh (vice presidents), Bellamy, Dunckley, Parlby, Molyneux, and Lockett (secretary). It was decided that in the future where clubs and […]

Nuggets from Cricket and Football Field

Saturday, May 30 – 1896 * Matt McQueen and his club have not settled their differences and after a committee meeting held this week the Anfield executive decided that they cannot meet his wishes with regard to the late division of the £200 spoil. (Cricket and Football Field, […]

No more Rotherham Town Football Club

May 25, 1896 Rotherham will not have the chance next season of witnessing at home any good football league matches. The Town Club are knocked out of the Second Division of the League, they have not applied to join the Midland, or, indeed, any other league, and have […]