A bet gone wrong

Saturday, January 21 – 1893 Shortly after five o’clock on Saturday evening a woman passing along York-street, Bury, saw a man climb over the boarding (about 7ft. high) which separates what is known as “Old Charley’s” lodge from the street, and, concluding that he intended to drown himself, […]

Everton refused lottery

Thursday, January 19 – 1893 Something like a feeling of consternation was occasioned in Liverpool football circles yesterday by the announcement that the Government had interfered and prohibited a draw or lottery that was announced to take place. The Everton Football Club, playing at Goodison Park, have arranged […]

A royal elephant in Liverpool

Wednesday, January 18 – 1893 The steamer Pegu, belonging to Messrs. Henderson Brothers, has just arrived from Rangoon, and part of her cargo consisted of four elephants, one of them a Royal tusker. It is doubtful if there is another to be found in Europe. They are seldom, […]

The dawn of the Labour Party

Friday, January 13 – 1893 The first conference of the National Independent Labour Party was opened at Bradford yesterday morning, and was attended by about 150 delegates. Mr. Keir Hardie, M.P., was voted to the chair, and after the transaction of some formal business, considerable discussion followed as […]

Troubles in the Newton Heath club

Thursday, January 12 – 1893 For a considerable time the conduct of some of the Newton Heath players has caused considerable annoyance to the directors of the club. Their captain – Jimmy Warner – has been under special observation of the committee for some time. The climax was […]

Everton’s Northern Tour

January 7, 1893 Result: – Nil. Alf Milward (soliloguising after the Sunderland match): – “Well, I’ll be backed – Newcastle! Sunderland!! Middlesbrough!!! What will our friends at Goodison Park think?” A voice (heard from the far distance): – “Think! Why they think the Everton Committee should superannuate their […]

A new team at Woodcroft Park

Saturday, January 7 – 1893 Liverpool Old Boys have acquired the ground known as Woodcroft Park, Wavertree, lately occupied by Caledonians F.C., and their home matches will be played on it in future. The accommodation for spectators is excellent, there being two stands (one covered), about 40 yards […]

The insurance inspector and his steak

Friday, January 6 – 1893 At the Liverpool Court of Passage, yesterday, Mr. T.H. Baylis, Q.C., assess, and a special jury, resumed the hearing of the action brought by Francis Morley Allanson, inspector of insurance agencies, residing at Egremont, against the Liverpool Clerk’s Café Company, Limited, to recover […]

A lunch gone wrong

Thursday, January 5 – 1893 At the Liverpool Court of Passage, sitting in St. George’s Hall, yesterday, Mr. T.H. Baylis, Q.C., assessor and a special jury, heard an action brought by Francis Morley Allanson, an inspector of insurance agencies, residing at Egremont, against the Liverpool Clerk’s Café Company […]

Fairfield v Liverpool 1-4 (League match)

Monday, January 2 – 1893 Match: Lancashire League, at Gransmoor Road. Fairfield – Liverpool 1-4 (1-2). Attendance: 3,000. Fairfield (2-3-5): Slater; Bennett, Handford; Dought, Ramage, Stuart; Doughty, Hodginson, Egan, Handford, James. Liverpool (2-3-5): Sydney Ross; Andrew Hannah (C), Duncan McLean; John McCartney, Joe McQue, James McBride; Thomas Wyllie, […]

Goodbye 1892 – Hello 1893

December 31, 1892 Liverpool people never forget to make much of the incoming of a new year, and 1893 was ushered in with the usual celebrations. The streets were busy on Saturday evening, although the weather was piercingly cold, and street vendors drove a very brisk business during […]

Skating at Northampton

December 31, 1892 In the presence of 4,000 skaters the Professional One Mile Championship (open to Northamptonshire and district) was decided on Saturday, at Kingsthorpe Moors, under the auspices of the Northampton Skating Association. There were 22 entries. Eleven heats, however, did not afford particularly good racing. The […]