A presentation of football clubs 1903/04

During the 1903/04 season the “Sunderland Daily Echo” enlightened their readers with some great article features presenting many of the leading football club for that season. I have now collected all these feature articles and you will find links to the different articles further down in this article. […]

A new oldest debutant

It hurts me a little to report this but Ned Doig is no longer the oldest debutant for Liverpool Football Club. Well, I found an old-timer that made his Liverpool debut during the First World War, so some will argue that was not an official match. Nevertheless, he […]

A very special Thursday

The Shieldrake, Catalona, Mongolian, Labrador, Caloric and the Bonnie Princess. They all sat sail from the docks of Liverpool on Thursday, September 1, 1892. The Bonnie Princess was just crossing the Mersey while the Catalonia was off to Boston at four in the afternoon. On-board the Mongolian was […]