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All articles about Alf West on PlayUpLiverpool.com. About Alf West: Poems on Players: “He’s a right back, And a tight back, No stripling-raw-and-slight-back; A rare back, Do-and-dare back, A funk-and-fumble-ne’er back. He’s a cool back, Liverpool back, Can-kick-like-a-Spanish-mule-back; Accurate back, His comrades-makes-elate back. He’s a neat back, Never-beat […]

The death of Alf West

June 27, 1944 Mr. Alfred West, who died at Garfield-road, Radford, yesterday, was a full back for the Notts County, Liverpool and Barnsley clubs. Prior to joining the Meadow-lane staff during the summer of 1911, when he was 28, this Nottingham born player had been associated for six […]

Football Benevolence for old players

July 13, 1922 A pleasant indication of the kindly regard which football clubs generally retain for their old players has just come to light. It appears that during Liverpool’s recent banquet to commemorate the winning of the championship the fact came up the knowledge of the directors that […]

Reports of a broken leg for Sheldon

Thursday, May 3 – 1917 “Bee” has word from the South announcing that Jack Sheldon, the former Manchester United and Liverpool footballer has broken his leg during a match played by the Eastern Command School. Alf. West, the former Liverpool back, has been in the same school as […]

Liverpool v Notts County 1-1 (League match)

Saturday, September 5 – 1914 Match: Football League, 1st Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 15:30. Liverpool – Notts County 1-1 (1-0). Attendance: 15,000. Referee: Mr. W.J. Heath. Liverpool (2-3-5): Kenneth Campbell; Ephraim Longworth, Robert Pursell; Thomas Fairfoull, Harry Lowe (C), Bob Ferguson; Jack Sheldon, Arthur Metcalf, Tom Miller, William […]

Knee injury for Alf West

Wednesday, April 1 – 1914 The former Liverpool player, Alf West, sustained a knee injury in the match with Hull City, which may keep him out of the Notts County team on Saturday. If West is absent it will be the first time since he joined Notts that […]

Alf West’s record

Thursday, January 15 – 1914 It has passed unnoticed by all save the “Echo’s” recording expert that Alf West, who left Liverpool to join Notts County three seasons ago, has just completed a magnificent League match “break” of “100,” and is still “in play”! He hasn’t missed a […]

A pair of spectacles

November 18, 1912 Prior to their fixture with Notts County Liverpool enjoyed the unique distinction of not having participated in a drawn game this season; no club in either division of the League could claim such a record. Their inability to score against the Midlanders came somewhat as […]

Alf West “scoring a bull’s eye”

August 22,, 1911 Alf West’s move from Liverpool to Notts County was a big surprise to Mersey folk, who nevertheless were glad to see their old favourite “scoring a bull’s eye.” Notts had their practice last night, when the first team, with West (late of Liverpool) and Herbert […]

Alf West moves home to Nottingham

Thursday, July 13 – 1911 Liverpool football folk will be glad to learn that Alfred West, the popular right back, has been booked by Notts County. West’s career as a first class man was much curtailed through a bad injury to the knee when he was assisting his […]

Liverpool v Sunderland 1-2 (League match)

Monday, December 26 – 1910 Match: Football League, First Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 14:15. Liverpool – Sunderland 1-2 (0-1). Attendance: 40,000. Referee: Mr. L. Bullimer; linesmen: Messrs. T.H. Heald and T. Lomax. Liverpool (2-3-5): Sam Hardy; Ephraim Longworth, Alf West; Robert Robinson, Jim Harrop, Donald Mackinlay; Arthur Goddard, […]

Parkinson and Harrop doubtful

Friday, December 23 – 1910 Contrary to expectations, Liverpool decided last evening to make a couple of changes in their team to oppose Aston Villa, and it is possible that still further alterations may be necessary. It will be remembered that Jim Harrop sustained a nasty kick against […]