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Arthur Goddard @ PlayUpLiverpool.com

All articles about Arthur Goddard on PlayUpLiverpool.com. About Arthur Goddard: “Goddard is a clever dribbler, beats a half-back very smartly, and centres with excellent judgment. He is also a good shot, and plays the game most intelligently. At first he does not look fast, but his long strides […]

Kenneth Campbell’s life story – Part V

June 4, 1921 When Albert Shepherd bested Liverpool, And what a walking in Epping Forest led to. By Kenneth Campbell “Kenneth Campbell, the famous goalkeeper for Partick Thistle and Scotland, continues the story of his football career. Joining Liverpool when a lad as understudy to the renounced Sam […]

South Liverpool v Nomads

Friday, March 21 – 1919 The following is South’s team against Northern Nomads on Saturday, when there should be a good attendance to see the amateurs, and especially after South’s brilliant victory last Saturday: – Campbell; Jackson, Beddon; Smith, Goddard (or Siddon), Sharrock; Waine, Cooke, Wright, T. Page, […]

Liverpool prepare for a new season

August 15, 1917 Although their list of fixtures is not yet published, Liverpool are first in the field locally with a practice game. While many other teams are experiencing trouble in assembling enough players to complete one team, Liverpool have apparently gone about their business on sound commonsense […]

Bolton Wanderers away for Liverpool

Friday, April 27 – 1917 Abrams to help at Anfield gala. When I first mooted the idea of a headline name, “Liverton” was objected to by some folk. Still those folk knew not the trouble of head-making. I have been forced this week, through the special fare that […]

Liverpool v Everton 0-4 (War time, League match)

Saturday, April 7 – 1917 Match: Lancashire Section Subsidiary, at Anfield, kick off: 15:30. Liverpool – Everton 0-4 (0-1). Attendance: 16,000; gate receipt: £580. Referee: Mr. W. Chadwick (Blackburn). Liverpool (2-3-5): Tommy Houghton; Ephraim Longworth, Tommy Lucas; Harry Lowe, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay; Arthur Goddard, Fred Pagnam, Tommy […]

Liverpool v Everton 1-1 (War time, friendly match)

Good Friday, April 6 – 1917 Match: Friendly, at Anfield, kick off: 15:00. Liverpool – Everton 1-1 (0-1). Attendance: 14,000; receipt: £450. Referee: Mr. Forshaw; linesmen: Messrs. Lowe and Halliday. Liverpool (2-3-5): Tommy Houghton, Tommy Lucas, Billy Jenkinson, John Bamber, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay, Arthur Goddard, Arthur Metcalf, […]

Liverpool v Rochdale 4-0 (War time, League match)

Saturday, March 24 – 1917 Match: Lancashire Section, Primary, at Anfield, kick-off: 15:30. Liverpool – Rochdale 4-0 (1-0). Attendance: 15,000. Referee: Mr. J.H. Alderson; linesmen: Messrs. H. Churnside and J. Proctor. Liverpool (2-3-5): T. Haughton, Ephraim Longworth, Tommy Lucas, John Bamber, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay, Arthur Goddard, Arthur […]

Liverpool are “out for blood”

Friday, March 23 – 1917 Liverpool will be “out for blood” to-morrow. There is no doubt that they are yearning for another view of Rochdale, who late on in the game at Spotland got up on the post and won. Liverpool’s first defeat being hailed with tremendous enthusiasm. […]

Everton v Liverpool 2-2 (War time, League match)

Saturday, March 17 – 1917 Match: Lancashire Section, Primary, at Goodison Park, kick-off: 15:30. Everton – Liverpool 2-2 (0-1). Attendance: 23,000; gate receipts: £920. Referee: Mr. F. Leigh; linesmen: Messrs. R.R. Keay and H. Oxley. Everton (2-3-5): Frank Mitchell, Bob Thompson, Jock Maconnachie, Tom Fleetwood, Billy Wareing, Alan […]

Liverpool visit Goodison as champions

March 16, 1917 To-morrow it is Everton and Liverpool in contest, and I never remember a more promising outlook. The turf is good, the day suitable, the kick-off at 3.30, the visitors to Goodison Park come as “champions.” Everton have the return of Sam Chedgzoy and Jock Maconnachie […]

Liverpool v Manchester City 3-0 (War time, League match)

Saturday, March 10 – 1917 Match: Lancashire Section, Primary, at Anfield, kick-off: 15:30. Liverpool – Manchester City 3-0 (1-0). Attendance: 20,000. Referee: Mr. T. Nelson; linesmen: Messrs. F.W. Johnson and J.W. Oates. Liverpool (2-3-5): Kenneth Campbell, Ephraim Longworth, Tommy Lucas, John Bamber, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay, Arthur Goddard, […]

Liverpool at full strength again

Friday, March 2 – 1917 Equally confident am I that Liverpool will score at Blackburn. The Rovers are not going well, and without their star items they lack experience. Liverpool, with Goddard and Wadsworth returnering, are at full strength, and are playing so well that they should get […]

Campbell return between the sticks

Thursday, February 8 – 1917 For the game at Anfield on Saturday next there is a special attraction in that Kenneth Campbell, the popular goalkeeper, will return to the Liverpool side – a sure indication that the side will be strongly represented. Campbell played during the New Year […]

Stockport County v Liverpool 0-0 (War time, League match)

Saturday, February 3 – 1917 Match: Lancashire Section, at Edgeley Park. Stockport County – Liverpool 0-0 (0-0). Attendance: 7,000. Referee: Mr. F. Leigh. Stockport County (2-3-5): Molyneux, Goodwin, Robson, Stuart, Fred Fayers, A. Waterall, Crossthwaite, Norman Rodgers, Gault, Hall. Tommy Waterall. Liverpool (2-3-5):  Joe Butler, Ephraim Longworth, Billy […]