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Anfield double champs in £2m bonanza

Monday, July 28 – 1986 Double winners Liverpool’s wages of glory were revealed yesterday as a staggering £2,2 million. Sixteen players earned more than £60,000 and four topped the £100,000 mark.Their earnings, revaled in the club’s accounts, pushed Anfield’s wage bill for the year to its highest ever […]

Everton F.C.: The annual meeting of 1959

June 18, 1959 Mr. Carey calms the storm at Everton meeting Everton’s annual general meeting last night was marked by a storm of protest from shareholders over the decision to change their traditional block of seats in the Bullens Road stand at Goodison Park, quelled eventually by a […]

Liverpool F.C. made a profit 1944-45

June 14, 1945 Liverpool Football Club shareholders today received their balance sheets for the year ending May 7 showing a profit of £1,880 as compared with a profit of £1,258 the previous year. A sum of £12,677 is brought forward, making £14,558, out of which the directors recommend […]

Liverpool F.C. profit of £1,258

June 13, 1944 The report of the Liverpool Football Club for the year ended May 8 last shows a profit of £1,258, which, added to £13,219 brought forward last year, gives a balance of £14,477. After payment of a 7½ per cent. dividend for the year and of […]

Everton and Liverpool directors unopposed

June 1, 1944 Harmony reigns among the shareholders of Everton and Liverpool Football Clubs. There will be no elections this year for seats on the directorate – a sure sign of contentment and a tribute to the faultless management of the two clubs. No nominations from shareholders were […]

Reds annual meeting

Monday, May 24 – 1943 Shareholders of Liverpool Football Club will have their big opportunity of congratulating their directors, officials and players on a great season when they gather for the annual meeting of the club next month. Chairman Mr. R. Lawson Martindale states that the directors have […]

Liverpool’s good season

June 18, 1942 Double gates make first war credit. The balance-sheet of Liverpool F.C. shows a net profit for the year ending May 4 last of £1,277, compared with a loss of £1,421 the previous year. With no money coming in – or going out – in transfer […]

Profits around the corners

June 15, 1942 Concrete evidence of the big improvement in football attendances on Merseyside last season will be forthcoming when the balance-sheets of Everton and Liverpool are made public. While the exact figures cannot be disclosed until the report and accounts have been despatched to shareholders, which will […]

Clubs in poverty street

June 15, 1931 The effect of the industrial depression on football is gradually being revealed in the balance sheets of the leading clubs. In only two instances so far disclosed were the gate receipts in advance of the previous season, the happy clubs being Sunderland and Sheffield United. […]

Liverpool F.C. make a huge profit

Friday, May 16 – 1930 Big profits were made bu boss football last season. Liverpool F.C. made a profit of £8,495 last year, which increases their assets to £46,225. Of this sum provision has been made for depreciation of £1,000, and for reduction of premiums account of £8,000, […]

Aston Villa’s popularity

Monday, June 13 – 1927 Though, as the directors say, the play of the team was inconsistent, Aston Villa still retain their popularity, as is abundantly testified by the fact that the gate receipts for the season amounted to no less a sum than £50,950. Of this, £7,834 […]

Big profit for Liverpool 1926/27

Friday, June 10 – 1927 Liverpool A.F.C. made a profit of £5,955 last season. (Hull Daily Mail, 10-06-1927) x Happy financial times for Liverpool F.C. Liverpool’s finances are in a very healthy state, there being a balance to the credit of the club of £36,088 – a marked […]

Big profit for Liverpool F.C.

Saturday, May 30 – 1925 The annual report and balance-sheet of the Liverpool Football Club is to be presented at the annual meeting next Wednesday, shows a profit on the year of £8,965. The directors recommend the payment of a dividend at the rate of 7½ per cent, […]

A big financial success for Liverpool F.C.

Monday, July 3 – 1922 When the thirteenth annual meeting of the Liverpool Club, the Football League champions, takes places on Wednesday there will be a pleasant balance-sheet for the shareholders to discuss. The finances of the club are in keeping with their successful playing season. A sum […]