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The death of Billy Dunlop

November 29, 1941 Mr. Billy Dunlop, Sunderland’s assistant trainer, died on Saturday and is to be brought from Stanhope to Newcastle for cremation. This ends a distinguished career in football, from international player to coach and trainer – a long career without a blemish. Billy Dunlop crossed the […]

New trainer for Sunderland

Monday, September 8 – 1941 Sunderland have a new trainer for the war-time football through the illness of Billy Dunlop. He is Jim Gray, who has seen service with both Bury and South Shields, and knows his job when it comes to treating injuries. I think he will […]

Billy Dunlop undergoing treatment

August 27, 1941 Since the war that seasoned veteran, Billy Dunlop, has been looking after the training of the Colts, but he will not be seen at Roker Park for a while. Unfortunately he developed a complaint and is away undergoing treatment, but I am sure his many […]

Billy Dunlop still going strong

Tuesday, April 15 – 1941 Billy Dunlop, as usual, looked after the Sunderland players in yesterday’s match at Newcastle – much thinner than in pre-war days, but as cheerful as usual. This faithful old servant of the club – he has been with it over 30 years as […]

Billy Dunlop to massage on

Wednesday, January 6 – 1937 A little storm was brewing at Roker Park in the training quarters, but someone has seen the red light and now everything in the garden is lovely again. It was rather an amazing thing for any director to advocate the appointment of another […]

Billy Dunlop bereaved

Wednesday, October 10 – 1934 I am sorry to learn this morning that Billy Dunlop is bereaved by the death of his wife after a long illness – lasting indeed over some years. It is only about a fortnight ago that I spoke to her in her bath-chair. […]

The fishy business at Anfield

December 16, 1915 Next Saturday’s game at Anfield brings to our memory a fishy smell. Stoke and Liverpool will ever be associated with one of the few fiascos ever played. Considering the number of games played, the number of fiascos is infinitesimal and this fact is due to […]

A big victory for Liverpool

September 27, 1915 Liverpool won in no half-hearted manner, and it is plain that their team is one of the lustiest the Lancashire circle knows – in fact, one would liken them to Blackpool. That Liverpool’s frontal line could score heavily was a debatable point prior to Saturday, […]

Memoirs of Tom Watson

Friday, May 7 – 1915 It was impossible to tell the public during the week how bad Mr. Tom Watson was. He read the paper assiduously, and when he saw a paragraph in this Notebook he pointed it out to his son. Poor owd Tom! There was no […]

Alex Raisbeck’s Unique Life Story: Part 7

May 1, 1915 Memorable match which won Liverpool the championship. Alick Raisbeck relates some special training yarns. What the maximum wage have done to football. the fact that Sheffield United have won the English Cup brings back to me the words of Tom Watson, the Liverpool “boss,” whom […]

Will Campbell play the cup tie?

Thursday, January 8 – 1914 The Liverpool Cup team will be chosen to-night, and will not include the name of R. Ferguson, but is pretty certain to include Campbell in goal in spite of the fact that the Liverpool goalkeeper was kicked in the eye and on the […]

Liverpool Reserves v Old Xaverians 6-2

Saturday, October 8 – 1910 Reserves, friendly, at Anfield, kick off: 15:30. Liverpool Reserves – Old Xaverians 6-2 (0-1). Referee: Mr. Williamson. Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): J. Williams; Alf West, Billy Dunlop; Barney Dillon, Sam Hignett, Donald Mackinlay; James Speakman, Joe Brough, Sam Bowyer, William Stuart, Herbert Leavey. Old […]