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Kenneth Campbell’s life story – Part VI

June 11, 1921 Remarkable speech by Tom Watson Leads to victory against the Villa. By Kenneth Campbell “Kenneth Campbell, the famous goalkeeper for Partick Thistle and Scotland, continues the story of his football career. Joining Liverpool when a lad as understudy to the renounced Sam Hardy, the prince […]

Kenneth Campbell’s life story – Part V

June 4, 1921 When Albert Shepherd bested Liverpool, And what a walking in Epping Forest led to. By Kenneth Campbell “Kenneth Campbell, the famous goalkeeper for Partick Thistle and Scotland, continues the story of his football career. Joining Liverpool when a lad as understudy to the renounced Sam […]

News about Lowe and Lacey

September 29, 1915 Here’s some news regarding two of the most popular players of our city. Both are ex-Liverpool players, and both would have relished the friendly game that are being played here nowadays, and would undoubtedly have rejoined the Anfield forces but for the fact that arrangements […]

Liverpool duo for Wishaw Thistle

September 1, 1915 Bob Ferguson (Third Lanark and Sunderland*), Billy Cringan (Sunderland), John O’Hara (Hibernians), Jimmy Nicholl (Liverpool), James McCaig (Partick Thistle), and Craig Brown (Bradford City) were all in the Wishaw Thistle team which met Vale of Leven on Saturday. (Evening Telegraph: September 1, 1915) ** Sunderland […]

The players signed on for 1915-16

August 5, 1915 A breath of football comes from the Anfield sources to-day. We are approaching football’s season speedily, and the clubs are getting their house in order for the newly-formed “Lancashire Circle.” Locally, I do not doubt for a moment the success of the season, for both […]

Liverpool Reserves v Huddersfield Town Reserves 0-1 (League match: April 14, 1915)

April 14, 1915 Reserves, Central League, at Anfield, kick-off: 17:00. Liverpool Reserves – Huddersfield Town Reserves 0-1 (0-0). Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Kenneth Campbell, Sam Speakman, Walter Wadsworth, James Scott, Phil Bratley, Bob Ferguson, Wilfred Bartrop, Robert Macdougall, Wilfred Watson, Harry Chambers, Robert Terris. Huddersfield Town Reserves (2-3-5): Alex […]

Everton and Liverpool at Anfield

March 8, 1915 The meeting of the local junior teams, at Anfield produced a much better contest than the previous game at Goodison Park, and what is most important, it was free from any questionable tactics. The game was keenly fought, and the result’ a goalless draw was […]

Liverpool Reserves v Everton Reserves 0-0 (League match: March 6, 1915)

March 6, 1915 Reserves, Central League, at Anfield. Liverpool Reserves – Everton Reserves 0-0 (0-0). Attendance: 12,000. Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Kenneth Campbell, Sam Speakman, Walter Wadsworth, Thomas Fairfoull, Charles Duffy, Bob Ferguson, Wilfred Bartrop, Henry Rounds, Wilfred Watson, Arthur Metcalf, James Dawson. Everton Reserves (2-3-5): Frank Mitchell, Bob […]

Huddersfield Town Reserves v Liverpool Reserves 4-2

Saturday, January 16 – 1915 Reserves, Central League, at Leeds Road. Huddersfield Town Reserves – Liverpool Reserves 4-2 (2-2). Attendance: ‘Good.’ Huddersfield Town Reserves (2-3-5): Alex Mutch; Willie McLaren, Ralph Rodgerson; Simon Beaton, Sidney James, Billy Watson; John Connor, Tom Elliott, Billy Cook, Bert Smith, Robertshaw. Liverpool Reserves […]

Lacey and Ferguson are dropped

Thursday, January 7 – 1915 There is nothing new to report concerning the local clubs. The Liverpool team has given and will give spectators cause for much comment, for the dropping of Lacey and Perguson makes the Liverpool team shorn of two of its most popular members. However, […]

Team arrangements

Wednesday, December 30 – 1914 Liverpool (v. Notts County), at Nottingham, on Saturday; kick-off 2.15. – Scott; Longworth and Pursell; Fairfoull, Lowe, and Ferguson;  Sheldon, Lacey, Pagnam, Miller, and Nicholl. Liverpool Reserves (v. Blackburn Rovers Reserves), at Anfield, on Friday; kick-off: 2.15. – Campbell; Speakman and Crawford; Scott,  […]

A strong reserve side

Wednesday, December 2 – 1914 For their Central League fixture with Manchester City Reserves, at Anfield, Liverpool Reserves will be strongly represented.  Campbell will keep goal, and Ferguson will figure at left half back. Watson (centre, secured from Atherton) has scored three goals in his two appearances. Team: […]

Liverpool team arrangements (October 30, 1914)

October 30, 1914 Liverpool team against Tottenham, to-morrow, at Anfield: – Campbell; Longworth and Crawford; Fairfoull, Bratley, and Ferguson; Sheldon, Banks, Pagnam, Miller, and Nicholl. Liverpool Reserves v Preston North End Reserves, at Preston: – Scott; Grayer and Speakman; Scott, Duffy, and Wadsworth; Bartrop, Metcalf, Macdougall, Hafekost, and […]

Team arrangement (October 21, 1914)

October 21, 1914 The Liverpool team to meet Burnley at Burnley on Saturday, has been selected as follows: – Kenneth Campbell, Ephraim Longworth, Robert Pursell, Thomas Fairfoull, Phil Bratley, Bob Ferguson, Jack Sheldon, Arthur Metcalfe, Tom Miller, William Lacey, Jimmy Nicholl. Liverpool Reserves against Burnley Reserves at Anfield […]

Liverpool v Everton 0-5 (League match)

Saturday, October 3 – 1914 Match: Football League, 1st Division, at Anfield, kick off: 15:30. Liverpool – Everton 0-5 (0-2). Attendance: 32,000. Referee: Mr. H.H.Taylor; linesmen: Messrs. W. Palfreyman and J. Roberts. Liverpool (2-3-5):  Kenneth Campbell; Ephraim Longworth, Robert Pursell; Thomas Fairfoul, Phil Bratley, Bob Ferguson; Jack Sheldon, […]

The chosen teams for the ‘local derby’

Friday, October 2 – 1914 The teams chosen for the big match at Anfield, to-morrow, are: – Liverpool. – Campbell; Longworth, Pursell; Fairfoull, Bratley, Ferguson; Sheldon, Metcalf, Nicholl, Lacey, Mackinlay. Everton. – Fern; Thompson, Maconnachie; Fleetwood, Gault, Makepeace; Chedgzoy, Jefferies, Parker, Clennell and Parker. The reserve team of […]