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Alex Raisbeck’s Unique Life Story: Part 7

May 1, 1915 Memorable match which won Liverpool the championship. Alick Raisbeck relates some special training yarns. What the maximum wage have done to football. the fact that Sheffield United have won the English Cup brings back to me the words of Tom Watson, the Liverpool “boss,” whom […]

Woolwich Arsenal F.C. 1907-08

May 2, 1908 Woolwich Arsenal F.C.: League appearances and goals; 1907-08. Football League statistics: Appearances: Roddy McEachrane, 38; James Ashcroft, 37; Percy Sands, 34; Jimmy Sharp, 32; David Neave, 32; Archie Gray, 30; Tim Coleman, 26; Jack Mordue, 26; Peter Kyle, 23; Charles Satterthwaite, 22; Andy Ducat, 19; […]

Woolwich Arsenal v Liverpool

October 21, 1907 R. McEachrane and Tim Coleman should each receive a substantial sum from their joint benefit match at Plumstead on Saturday, for there was an attendance of about 18,000, and ticket holders, directors, and officials went through the turnstiles, and thus showed in a practical manner […]

Liverpool v Woolwich Arsenal 4-0 (League match)

Saturday, February 9 – 1907 Match: Football League, First Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 15:30. Liverpool – Woolwich Arsenal 4-0 (1-0). Attendance: 30,000. Referee: Mr. T. Robertson. Liverpool (2-3-5): Sam Hardy, Percy Saul, Billy Dunlop, Robert Robinson, James Gorman, James Bradley, Arthur Goddard, William Macpherson, Jack Parkinson, Sam Raybould, […]

Woolwich Arsenal’s happy family

March, 31, 1906 (1) Archie Gray, (2) Jimmy Ashcroft, (3) Jimmy Sharp, (4) Percy Sands, (5) Roddy McEachrane, (6) James Bigden, (7) John Dick, (8) Archie Cross, (9) Mr. R. Dunmore (Trainer), (10) Mr. John Humble (Chairman), (11) Mr. A.E. Kennedy (Vice-Chairman), (12) Stephen Theobald, (13) Jimmy Blair, […]

Defeated and Jack Parkinson injured

September 4, 1905 When at the end of last season the Liverpool team had gallantly won their way back to the First Division, all good sportsmen hoped that they might fare successfully this. Their opening engagement was against Woolwich Arsenal, on the ground of the latter, on Saturday, […]

Gunning for glory

August 31, 1905 Liverpool open their season with a match against Woolwich Arsenal, at Woolwich. It will be noticed that there are no new names in the Anfield contingent given below, the directors relying on last season’s well-tried servants. Two new men appear in the Gunners’ eleven, these […]

The Arsenal’s big guns

October 8, 1904 At the present moment Woolwich Arsenal, who meet Aston Villa at Plumstead to-day, occupy the mind of the public, in the south at least, more than any other club. The Arsenal have reached a position in the League never yet achieved by any other Southern […]

Bowen and Satterthwaite fit again

Saturday, April 19 – 1902 George Bowen, the injured Anfielder, is now almost fit and well again, as is Charles Satterthwaite. It is scarcely likely, however, that either will assist Liverpool in any of their closing League events. (Nottingham Evening Post, 19-04-1902)