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Liverpool F.C. – Hail the 1922 Champions

Liverpool F.C. – The Champions of the League The supreme event in the Eastertide football was the decision of the League championship. When Liverpool had the honour of defeating last season’s winners, Burnley, and on the same day Oldham Athletic overcame Tottenham Hotspur at Boundary Park, the premiership […]

Felton from Liverpool to Everton

Monday, August 16 – 1937 Roy Felton *, a 19 year-old full back whom Liverpool placed on the open transfer list at the end of last season, has followed in the footsteps of many famous Merseyside players and “crossed the park” – joined the rival club. Felton’s transfer […]

Back to jail for Dick Forshaw

Monday, July 19 – 1937 A former Liverpool F.C. footballer, Richard Forshaw (42), who was stated to have been in prison almost continuously for the past five years, was again sentenced for theft at Clerkenwell, London. Two hours after he had been released at the expiry of his […]

Forshaw sentenced to hard labour

Tuesday, November 7 – 1933 Richard Forshaw (38), described as a salesman, of Kilburn, pleaded guilty at the London Session, yesterday, to four charges of theft, and he was sentenced to 17 months’ hard labour. It was stated that Forshaw had been a professional footballer and has played […]

Forshaw sentenced to 12 months’ hard labour

Thursday, May 19 – 1932 Richard Forshaw (36), of Canterbury Road, Kilburn, London, who formerly played professional football for the Liverpool and Everton Clubs, was sentenced to 12 months’ hard labour at Liverpool, yesterday, for fraudulent conversion. Last June a Liverpool bookmaker commissioned Forshaw to place £100 on […]

A gamble going very wrong

Wednesday, April 27 – 1932 Richard Forshaw, aged 36, the well-known former inside-right with the Liverpool and Everton Football Clubs, appeared in the dock at Liverpool to-day accused of stealing as bailee £100, the property of Richard Green, of Alexandra Drive, Liverpool. M.T.A. Smith, prosecuting, said Mr. Green […]

Forshaw on Wolves’ transfer list

Wednesday, October 9 – 1929 It was announced yesterday that Wolverhampton Wanderers have placed Dick Forshaw, their inside right forward, on the open transfer list at his own request. Forshaw was secured from Everton at a substantial fee at the beginning of the present season. He cost Everton […]

Former Reds player to Wolves

Saturday, August 17 – 1929 Richard Forshaw, who had been with the Everton Football Club for the last two seasons, has been transferred to Wolverhampton Wanderers. The fee is not disclosed. Forshaw, who is 31, was transferred to Everton from Liverpool at a fee of £3,750. He has […]

Mrs. Forshaw: “I’m red, not blue.”

Friday, March 4 – 1927 The news of Forshaw‘s transfer to Everton in yesterday’s ‘’Daily Post” gave enthusiasts a new topic to discuss, and I have no doubt that the change created genuine surprise. From what I hear no one was more surprised than the player himself when […]