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Duncan McLean – Liverpool Football Club

All articles about Duncan McLean on PlayUpLiverpool. About Duncan McLean: Born: January 20 – 1868, in Renton, in Scotland. Passed away: November 17 – 1944, in Renton, in Scotland. Position: Left back. Height: 5 ‘ 10 1/2. Weight: 13 ‘ 7. Career: Renton. Everton. Liverpool (outside Football League), […]

Matt McQueen – Liverpool F.C.’s choice

Monday, February 19 – 1923 After careful examination of an extraordinary number of applications for the post of team-manager to the Liverpool Association Club, now threatening to establish a post-war record as League Champions, the directors of the club have appointed Matt McQueen to that position. There is […]

Mr. John McKenna’s long service

Monday, January 20 – 1919 The President of the Football League, Mr. John McKenna, greatly distinguished himself in the interview with the professional players. To conduct an argument with about 70 players, full of grievances, for two hours, requires not only ability, but patience, tact, and knowledge. Mr. […]

The death of Andrew Kelvin

October 23, 1911 Andrew Kelvin, one of the original members of the Liverpool Association club recently died at his house in Kilmarnock. He took part in the first match for Liverpool, when Rotherham Town were beaten 7-0. The Liverpool side on that day was: Sydney Ross, Andrew Hannah, […]

Scottish League teams 1897/98

Saturday, July 31 – 1897 (from the Scottish Referee). Celtic. Goal: Dan McArthur. Backs: Dan Doyle, James Orr, Jim Welford. Half-backs: Russell, Willie Orr, Reynolds, Hugh Goldie. Forwards: James Blessington, Patrick Gilhooly, George Allan, John Campbell, John Henderson, Alex King. Alex King, Celtic. Clyde. Goal: Hamilton, Wilkie (Strathclyde). […]

Scotland v Ireland 5-1 (International: March 27, 1897)

March 27, 1897 International: British Championship, at Ibrox Park (Glasgow). Scotland – Ireland 5-1 (4-0). Attendance: 15,000. Referee: Mr. James Cooper (English FA). Scotland (2-3-5): Matt Dickie (Glasgow Rangers), Duncan McLean (St. Bernard`s), John Drummond (Captain, Glasgow Rangers), Neil Gibson (Glasgow Rangers), William Baird (St. Bernard`s), David Stewart […]

Sweet revenge for Liverpool

April 1, 1895 The return match between these clubs was played off on the Anfield enclosure on Saturday, when the Liverpudlians satisfactorily reversed the previous defeat (5-0) by a win of 4 goals to 2. Neither side was at its fullest strength, Jack Earp, Bob Ferrier, and Harry […]

Liverpool v Nottingham Forest 0-2 (FA Cup)

Saturday, February 16 – 1895 Match: FA Cup, Second Round, at Anfield, kick-off: 15:30. Liverpool – Nottingham Forest 0-2 (0-2). Attendance: 5,000. Referee: Mr. J.B. Brodie. Liverpool (2-3-5): Bill McCann, John Curran, Duncan McLean, John McCartney, Joe McQue, Matt McQueen, Malcolm McVean, Jimmy Ross, Harry Bradshaw, John Drummond, […]

Liverpool v Blackburn Rovers 2-1 (Lancashire Cup)

Saturday, February 9 – 1895 Match: Lancashire Cup, Second Round, at Anfield. Liverpool – Blackburn Rovers 2-1 (2-0). Attendance: 12,000. Liverpool (2-3-5): Matt McQueen, John Curran, Duncan McLean, John McCartney, Joe McQue, John McLean, Malcolm McVean, Jimmy Ross, Harry Bradshaw, David Hannah, John Drummond. Blackburn Rovers (2-3-5): Adam […]

Liverpool v Burnley 0-3 (League match)

Saturday, November 3 – 1894 Match: Football League, First Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 15:00. Liverpool – Burnley 0-3 (0-1). Attendance: 6,000. Liverpool (2-3-5): Bill McCann, John Curran, Duncan McLean (C), John McCartney, Joe McQue, James Cameron, Neil Kerr, James Ross, Hugh Henderson, Harry Bradshaw, Hugh McQueen. Burnley (2-3-5): […]

A new league record

Monday, October 15 – 1894 Well it’s a record – £1026; prodigious would Dominic Sampeson describe the proceeds. So will Dicky Sams and so will the people generally. The phenomenal sum and indicates beyond all cavil that, there must have been something near 40,000 spectators, and yet the […]

Everton v Liverpool 3-0 (League match)

Saturday, October 13 – 1894 Match: Football League, First Division, at Goodison Park, kick-off: 15:30. Everton – Liverpool 3-0 (1-0). Attendance: 40,000; gate receipt: £1,026 (new League record) Referee: Mr. J. Lewis (Blackburn), linesmen: Messrs. W. Gunning (Liverpool) and R. Kelso (Everton). Everton (2-3-5): Tom Cain; James Adams, […]

Weak defence at the Stoney Lane

Saturday, September 17 – 1894 The first visit of the Second League champions to West Bromwich aroused a lot of interest. After opening in splendid style, and when everybody was looking forward to a grand contest, an unfortunate accident to Patrick Gordon completely changed the aspect of the […]

A very tough afternoon in West Bromwich

Monday, September 17 – 1894 Liverpool paid their first visit to West Bromwich on Saturday, and despite the greater counter attractions, Aston Villa v. Sunderland and Small Heath v. Wolverhampton Wanderers, a goodly crowd assembled to witness the performances of the seaport club. Neil Kerr was again an […]