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Everton v Liverpool 2-0 (Liverpool Cup, Final)

Monday, May 3 – 1954 Match: Liverpool Cup, Final, at Goodison Park. Everton – Liverpool 2-0 (1-0). Attendance: 52,012. Everton (2-3-5): Jimmy O’Neill, Eric Moore, Don Donovan, Peter Farrell (C), Tommy Jones, Cyril Lello, Eddie Wainwright, Wally Fielding, Dave Hickson, John Parker, Tommy Eglington. Liverpool (2-3-5): Dave Underwood, […]

Everton v Liverpool: A deserved draw

December 31, 1945 Liverpool’s great rally. Once again Liverpool demonstrated their magnificent fighting quality when they snatched victory from Everton by a ten minute drive at the end of the game, which produced two goals to offset the pair Everton had taken earlier on. It certainly appeared that […]

The Reds do it again

December 31, 1945 Saturday’s big crowd at Goodison Park had thrills in plenty and again saw a fighting Liverpool battle back against the odds and pull the game out of the fire. This is getting a habit with the Reds in Liverpool matches. The crowd of 60,926 was […]

Everton v Liverpool in the Lancashire Cup

Wednesday, July 18 – 1945 The draw for the first round of the Lancashire Senior Football Cup includes the following: Everton v Liverpool; Chester or Wrexham v Crewe; Southport v Manchester City. The home and away matches are to be played in mid-week during September and October, the […]

Gallant Liverpool to meet Manchester City

Monday, April 2 – 1945 Liverpool, Merseyside’s most successful wartime club, are once again left to shoulder the banner of the area in the North War Cup. Upsetting the odds in their tie with Everton, while Wrexham and Crewe Alexandra were taking the “k.o.,” Liverpool now face Manchester […]

All set for some thrilling games

Thursday, March 29 – 1945 At Goodison Park on Saturday, Everton and Liverpool renew their struggle to go a stage further in the money spinning League Cup tourney. This game may well set up a new war-time record for Goodison attendance. The best so far is 45,820 for […]

International stars for Cup Derby

Thursday, March 29 – 1945 There will be right and possibly nine internationals in the great Goodison Park send off to the Easter holiday football programme of two matches in three days. Everton include in their side against Liverpool in the second “leg” of their North War Cup […]

Easy for Everton

Monday, February 5 – 1945 Liverpool’s handicap Everton beat Liverpool 4-1 at Goodison in a game which fell short of anticipation for it failed to provide the keenness and enthusiasm which had been associated with many previous games between the sides. Everton were easily the superior side, and […]

The 37th Liverton game

Friday, February 2 – 1945 Though the heavy call on our internationals effect the teams for the Everton – Liverpool Cup-tie at Goodison Park, it isn’t likely to detract from the thrills and excitement inherent in a tussle between these old but friendly rivals. This will be their […]

One point needed

Friday, February 2 – 1945 Everton go into the “Derby” in the knowledge that they need only one point to make certain of qualifying for the competition proper and I think that will be their return from the latest tilt at the Reds who, in recent seasons have […]

Liverpool will have a wonder attack

August 21, 1944 Problems face the Liverpool and Everton football clubs. Yes, this despite the fact that at Goodison Park on Saturday they gave a particularly bright exhibition to delight 16,228 spectators who responded with nearly £1,200 in cash for the Lord Mayor of Liverpool’s War Fund, bring […]

Liverpool deserved their victory

August 21, 1944 The Lord Mayor of Liverpool ‘s war fund will benefit by £1,150 from the pre-season game between Everton and Liverpool at Goodison Park, won 5-2 by Liverpool. They deserved their victory, for they were a yard quicker to the ball every time, produced three shots […]

War fund game at Goodison

August 18, 1944 Football enthusiasts of Merseyside, now girding up their lenis for the real start next week, have some pre-season charity games for their delectation tomorrow. Although Everton-Liverpool game at Goodison Park suffers a little because some Services stats have been requisitioned for the R.A.F v. Western […]

Church heads at big match

Monday, January 31 – 1944 Impressions at Goodison Park. Americans’ interest. At Saturday’s Everton v Liverpool match at Goodison Park, in the crowd of nearly 46,000 people, there were three outstanding personalities. The Lord Mayor of Liverpool (Alderman Austin Harford) was present, and one saw, for the first […]

Thrills for big Goodison crowd

Monday, October 11 – 1943 The Everton-Liverpool game, has answered, in fairly conclusive manner, one of the main questions which has agitated club officials and legislators during recent seasons, regarding the future of football. Three years ago, when Soccer interest and support fell to a very low level […]

Blues and Reds clash at Goodison

Friday, October 8 – 1943 The first of the big Merseyside Football League “Derby” games stands out as the premier attraction for tomorrow’s sport cards.” Everton and Liverpool will clash at Goodison Park in what should be a brilliant exhibition of football played in all the pre-war atmosphere. […]