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Stray leaves – Tommy Bennett, Liverpool F.C.

Tuesday, February 12 – 1918 In the city of Liverpool the adherents of Association football have had the rare privilege of watching Fred Geary, Jack Southworth, Alexander Young, Bert Freeman, and Bobby Parker play centre-forward for Everton, while George Allan, Sam Raybould, Jack Parkinson, and Fred Pagnam have […]

When Foulke met Geordie Allan

Wednesday, May 3 – 1916 The number of stories concerning the Leviathian William Foulke must be numerous and funny. The Laurie Bell case provided one peg, and I recall the day when little Johnny McMillan, the Derby forward, “crashed” into Foulke, and the big man simply lifted him […]

A story about John McKenna

Friday, June 24 – 1910 A good story is told of Mr. John McKenna, who has just been elected President of the English Football League. Mr. McKenna, who is the leading light of the Liverpool Club, went to Edinburgh on one occasion to capture a well-known centre-forward, but […]

Sam Raybould: The new centre forward

Saturday, January 20 – 1900 Raybould did not make an altogether successful first appearance for Liverpool against West Bromwich Albion. He missed two glorious open goals – worked for them hard, worked his way right up to Reader, and then failed to score in the simplest fashion. It […]

Poor George Allan

Saturday, October 21 – 1899 Poor George Allan is dead. The news came like a thunderclap upon his numerous Liverpool friends, and it is difficult even yet to believe that the big, fine fellow is no more. Consumption claimed him as her victim, the poor fellow breathing his […]

Biography of George Allan

Saturday, October 21 – 1899 George Allan’s death is looked upon by Liverpudlians as another of those misfortunes of which the Anfield-road team seems to be just now peculiarly the victims, although it had been evidently for a long time past that Allan would never be able to […]

Allan buried at Linlithgow

Friday, October 20 – 1899 – Followers of football, not only in this country, but all over Scotland, will have heard with regret of the death of George Allan, of the Liverpool Football Club, which occurred at Elfie on Tuesday, after an illness which had kept him off […]

George Horsburgh Allan (George Allan)

All articles about George Allan on PlayUpLiverpool. About George Allan: Born: August 23 – 1875, in Linlithgow Bridge, Scotland. Passed away: October 17 – 1899, in Elie, Scotland. Nickname: Dod. Position: Centre forward. Height: 5 ‘ 10 or 178 cm. Weight: 12 ‘ 4 or 78 kg. Career: […]

George Allan dies in Elfie

Tuesday, October 17 – 1899 George Allan, of the Liverpool Football Club, died at Elfie, Fifeshire, yesterday morning. Allan was a model centre-forward after being discovered and developed by Liverpool, and played for Scotland v. England two years ago. He afterwards joined Celtic for a season, bu returned […]

Liverpool and District Notes

Monday, October 9 – 1899 A solitary point is the result of the work of the Liverpool teams, and this falls to the lot of Everton. Whether we deerve the credit of one point for Saturday afternoon’s work is doubtful, for Preston played a more winning game than […]

– Raisbeck too classy for Liverpool?

Saturday, October 7 – 1899 Raisbeck too classy for Liverpool? Raisbeck, we are told on the authority of a Scottish critic, is too classy for his present company, and yet Liverpool have command all the players who performed so successfully last season, with the one exception of George […]

Poor old George Allan

September 16, 1899 It has been freely rumoured for some time past that George Allan would ere long be seen in his old position in the Liverpool team, and not a few Liverpudlians rejoiced greatly thereof. Tom Watson, however, tells me that he rumour is of the usual […]