Tag: Harry Bradshaw

Weak forward play by Liverpool

November 13, 1893 Liverpool did not show up against Walsall as well as was anticipated. The low position of the latter warranted the general public in believing that the “Dicky Sams” were capable of snuffing their opponents out, but, as in most instances, when an easy thing is […]

Liverpool now receiving loyal support

November 6, 1893 A numerous and hearty assembly awaited the reappearance of the Liverpool team at Anfield after their signal success of the past month, and right royally did they demonstrate their pleasure at the team’s prosperity. The splendid attendance goes to prove that the Anfield club are […]

New players at Anfield

October 23, 1893 In view of contingencies the Liverpool committee have been on lookout for players, and last week signed on Douglas Dick, late of Third Lanark, one of the best outside right wing players in Scotland, and Harry Bradshaw,  late of Northwich Victoria, both of whom will […]

Knocked out of the FA Cup

November 21, 1892 This game was played at Northwich on Saturday, in wretched weather, rain falling heavily most of the time. The ground was a perfect quagmire, pools of water, intermixed with sawdust and mud, being the prevailing features, and Liverpool lodged a protest. Through some doubt as […]