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Liverpool F.C. hopeful and anxious

Wednesday, January 14 – 1914 There is a tremendous battle due at Barnsley to-morrow. The incentive to win on Saturday was big, but to-morrow’s replayed tie has behind it the knowledge that the winning side has to play at home, and to a moderate side like Gillingham. Now, […]

Liverpool v Barnsley 1-1 (FA Cup match)

Saturday, January 10 – 1914 Match: FA Cup, 1st Round, at Anfield, kick-off: 14:30. Liverpool – Barnsley 1-1 (1-0). Attendance: 33,000. Referee: Mr. H.S. Bamlett (Gateshead); linesmen: Messrs. A. Roberts (Wigan) and E. Connor (Southport). Liverpool (2-3-5): Kenneth Campbell; Ephraim Longworth, Robert Pursell; Thomas Fairfoull, Harry Lowe, Donald […]

Alex Raisbeck takes his benefit

January 6, 1914 To-day at Firhill Park one of the greatest centre half-backs of all time takes his benefit match. The player is Alec Raisbeck, of Partick Thistle, once of Hibernian and later of Liverpool, and as an International player never excelled. On the day that he went […]

Raisbeck gets his Scottish benefit

Tuesday, January 6 – 1914 Few players have been more popular among football followers weher-ever their lot has fallen than Alec Raisbeck, who took a well-deserved benefit yesterday, when a team of internationals opposed Partick Thistle at Glasgow. Mr. Tom Watson was present, and the team of internationals […]

Bad luck for Bob Ferguson

January 2, 1914 Ferguson was damaged in yesterday’s match at Anfield, and will be unable to play at Sunderland to-morrow. This mishap will interfere with his fine record of consistent service. He has appeared without a break in every match since he signed for Liverpool, and has made […]

Bond wins game for Bradford City

January 1, 1914 Bradford City are a particularly difficult side to beat away from Bradford, and have only suffered defeat on foreign soil twice this season. Liverpool hoped to master them at Anfield today. Teams: – Liverpool: Kenneth Campbell, Ephraim Longworth, Robert Pursell, Thomas Fairfoull, Harry Lowe (C), […]

Liverpool Reserves v Barnsley Reserves 2-0 (League match: December 20, 1913)

December 20, 1913 Reserves, Central League, at Anfield. Liverpool Reserves – Barnsley Reserves 2-0 (1-0). Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Ernest Peake, Arthur Metcalf, Jack Parkinson, Robert Macdougall, Barnsley Reserves (2-3-5): Taylor, Ruddlesdin, Newton. The goals: 1-0 Macdougall, 2-0 Macdougall. X Ernest Peake, Liverpool (Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: […]

Programme pickles (Liverpool)

Saturday, October 4 – 1913 * Harry Lowe’s absence seriously affected Liverpool’s chances of success against the Albion. * Kenneth Campbell gave a glorious exhibition of goalkeeping against the “Throstles.” * Thomas Fairfoull is a long time in convincing the critics of his abilities. His speed is certainly […]

Players retained by Liverpool F.C.

May 5, 1913 Liverpool have completed their list of re-signed players. The men retained being Kenneth Campbell, Elisha Scott, Peter Malone, Ephraim Longworth, Robert Crawford, Robert Pursell, Sam Speakman, Frank Grayer, Harry Lowe, Ernest Peake, Bob Ferguson, Donald Mackinlay, James Scott, Ralph Holden, Walter Wadsworth, Arthur Goddard, Arthur […]

Liverpool F.C. – statistics 1912-13

May 5, 1913 Appearances for Liverpool F.C. in the Football League, First Division, 1912-13. 28 players. Berry, A. 1 Lowe, H.C. 33 Bovill, J. 1 Mackinlay, D. 22 Campbell, K. 37 Metcalf, A. 28 Crawford, R.S. 23 Miller, T. 30 Dines, J. 1 Parkinson, J. 24 Ferguson, R. […]

Liverpool F.C. Theatrical Gala 1913

April 23, 1913 LIVERPOOL THEATRICAL GALA Time was when the Liverpool-Theatrical Gala football match was attended by many and varied shows and even a parade through the city, but although of late years the event has been robbed of its garish elements, it still continue to provide a […]

Liverpool F.C. retained players 1913

April 21, 1913 Mr. Tom Watson informs me that the following players have re-signed: – Kenneth Campbell, Elisha Scott, and Peter Malone, goalkeepers; Ephraim Longworth, Robert Crawford, Robert Pursell, and Frank Grayer, backs; Harry Lowe, Ernest Peake and Bob Ferguson, half backs; Arthur Goddard, Arthur Metcalf, Jack Parkinson, […]

Sunderland’s 81st League goal

April 14, 1913 Liverpool have formed a high estimate of the prowess of the Cup finalists hailing from the banks of the Wear, and they have every reason for so doing. Seven goals were scored against them when they visited Sunderland last December, and the number was brought […]

Liverpool v Sunderland 2-5 (League match: April 12, 1913)

April 12, 1913 Match: Football League, First Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 15:30. Liverpool – Sunderland 2-5 (0-4). Attendance: 28,000. Referee: Mr. A. Shallcross (Leek); linesmen: Messrs. F. Hargreaves and W. Dickinson. Liverpool (2-3-5): Kenneth Campbell, Ephraim Longworth, Robert Pursell, Jack Tosswill, Ernest Peake, Bob Ferguson, Arthur Goddard, Arthur […]

Liverpool’s latest sensation

April 7, 1913 Aston Villa started upon the present season with high hopes, and seriously set themselves the task of winning the FA Cup and the League Championship. And if they had kept their original half-back line they might have done it, too. As the position is, they […]

Liverpool v Chelsea 1-2 (League match: March 24, 1913)

March 24, 1913 Match: Football League, First Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 15:00. Liverpool v Chelsea 1-2 (0-0). Attendance: 25,000. Referee: Mr. A. Pellowe; linesmen: Messrs. W.R. Cliffe and J.H. Holmes. Liverpool (2-3-5): Kenneth Campbell, Ephraim Longworth, Robert Pursell, Jack Tosswill, Ernest Peake, Bob Ferguson, Arthur Goddard, Tom Gracie, […]

A big crowd is expected

Thursday, February 20 – 1913 Day following day goes to prove the enormous interest in the Liverpool match on Saturday. I was at Anfield yesterday, and the ‘phone was never idle, and all inquiries were for tickets. How will the crowd be housed? What measures are being taken […]