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Steve Bloomer’s hat trick

October 28, 1912 On Saturday morning the people of Derby shook their heads ominously and predicted that fog would put a stop to football. But the fog lifted and the rain began to fall – a change of conditions which made football possible but naturally had a disastrous […]

Wednesday’s wright man

October 14, 1912 If any exuberantly hopeful followers of the Wednesday team enjoyed the idea that their heroes were going to make Liverpool suffer for the severe drubbing received by the “Blades” at Villa Park a shock of disappointment awaited them. Thanks to a brilliant goal-keeper in the […]

A bolt from the Blues

October 7, 1912 Once upon a time the Liverpool League eleven defeated their Everton rivals at Anfield. To be exact, the event happened on January 21, 1899. Never since have they been guilty of such conduct, and there are some people who aver that the mere sight of […]

Battle of the colours

October 7, 1912 EVERTON AGAIN PREVAIL. Games between Liverpool and Everton are always interesting, as no matter how the sides have fared in other engagements, followers of the clubs can always rely upon the players giving of their best when these meetings come round. There would be about […]

Everton victors

October 5, 1912 Good Goals by Browell and Gault. The visit of Everton to Anfield this afternoon was the thirty-first meeting of the teams in league football, and the occasion was marked by the usual large crowd. Keen excitement and, withal good humour. The colours of the respective […]

Liverpool v Everton 0-2 (League match: October 5, 1912)

October 5, 1912 Match: Football League, First Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 15:30. Liverpool – Everton 0-2 (0-1). Attendance: 46,000. Referee: Mr. H.H. Taylor (Altrincham); linesmen: Messrs. W.J. Heath and J.R. Broughton. Liverpool (2-3-5): Kenneth Campbell, Ephraim Longworth (C), Robert Pursell, Harry Lowe, Bob Ferguson, Donald Mackinlay, Arthur Goddard, […]

Live close by or move on

Monday, May 6 – 1912 Liverpool have made a decision with regard to their players that they must reside within reasonable distance of the Mersey city. Sam Hardy and Jim Harrop have previously been permitted to return to Fotherham and Chesterfield respectively at the week-end, and this has […]

Liverpool F.C. – statistics 1911-12

Monday, May 6 – 1912 Appearances for Liverpool F.C. in the Football League, First Division, 1911-12. 26 players. Bovill,J. 23 McConnell, J. 8 Bowyer, S. 2 Macdonald, J. 19 Campbell, K 7 Mackinlay, D. 7 Crawford, R.S. 15 Miller, T. 7 Gilligan, S.A. 23 Orr, R. 7 Goddard, […]

Fulham v Liverpool 3-0 (FA Cup match)

Saturday, February 3 – 1912 Match: FA Cup, Second Round, at Craven Cottage, kick-off: 15:00. Fulham – Liverpool 3-0 (1-0). Attendance: 36,000; gate receipt: £880. Referee: Mr. R. Pook (Portsmouth); linesmen: Messrs. H. Thomson (Surrey) and F.C. Winton (Worthing). Fulham (2-3-5): Arthur Reynolds; Ted Charlton, Jimmy Sharp; Alf […]

Aston Villa v Liverpool 5-0 (League match)

Saturday, December 2 – 1911 Match: Football League, First Division, at Villa Park, kick-off: 14:30. Aston Villa – Liverpool 5-0 (1-0). Attendance: 14,000. Referee: Mr. A. Adams; linesmen: Messrs. A.G. Neale and F. Curtis. Aston Villa (2-3-5): Brendel Anstey, Bert Lyons, Freddie Miles, George Tranter, George Hunter, Samson […]

Tottenham v Liverpool 2-0 (League match)

Saturday, November 11 – 1911 Match: Football League, First Division, at White Hart Lane, kick-off: 15:00. Tottenham Hotspur – Liverpool 2-0 (1-0). Attendance: 25,000. Referee: Mr. F. Heath; linesmen: Messrs. W. Johnson and J.W. Miles. ‘Spurs (2-3-5): Tommy Lunn, Tom Collins, Charlie Brittan, Danny Steel, Teddy Lightfoot, Jabez […]