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The fishy business at Anfield

December 16, 1915 Next Saturday’s game at Anfield brings to our memory a fishy smell. Stoke and Liverpool will ever be associated with one of the few fiascos ever played. Considering the number of games played, the number of fiascos is infinitesimal and this fact is due to […]

William Goldie’s benefit

January 1, 1910 “For six seasons,” writes William Goldie, “I played for Liverpool without missing a match; although, of course, I was in the reserve team a good lot. Well, when I got my benefit it only totalled £109. At that time players were getting £300 and £400 […]

Birmingham F.C. 1907-08 (Football League)

May 2, 1908 Birmingham F.C.: League appearances and goals; 1907-08. Football League statistics: Appearances: Benny Green, 36; Walter Wigmore, 35; Billy Beer, 34; Edmund Eyre, 31; Charlie Tickle, 31; Frank Stokes, 28; Frank Cornan, 25; Arthur Mounteney, 25; Jack Dorrington, 24; Billy Jones, 23; John Kearns, 23; Billy […]

Anfield Happenings (February 1, 1908)

February 1, 1908 Liverpool at Birmingham. The Liverpool team went to Birmingham and came back with a point. That was not unsatisfactory, although we would all have been better pleased had they got the two, especially as the Brums had – in September – unexpectedly taken both away […]

Liverpool v Birmingham 2-1 (FA Cup match)

Saturday, January 12 – 1907 Match: FA Cup, First Round, at Anfield, kick-off: 14:30. Liverpool – Birmingham 2-1 (1-0). Attendance: 20,000: Gate receipt: £500. Referee: Mr. J.T. Ibbotson; linesmen: Messrs. H. Holmes and H. Dudley. Liverpool (2-3-5): Sam Hardy, Percy Saul, Billy Dunlop, James Bradley, Alex Raisbeck (C), […]

Portsmouth manager Robert Blyth resigns

May 11, 1904 The announcement that Mr. Robert Blyth had resigned the managership of  the Portsmouth Football Club was made yesterday, and created quite a sensation in local sporting circles. Blyth joined Portsmouth from Preston North End upon the formation of the Club, and his conscientious work soon […]

Glover for Small Heath?

Saturday, January 9 – 1904 Glover, the Liverpool back, who was suspended with Raybould and Goldie for signing for Portsmouth (article says Plymouth which is wrong) without giving satisfactory reason, had the license of a public house in New-street, West Bromwich, transferred to him a few weeks ago. […]

Liverpool Football Club 1903-04

January 2, 1904 For a team that has time and again proved itself capable of achieving great things on the field of football, Liverpool has this year played the role of a club disappointing to its admirers, and has lost match after match which they hoped it would […]

Sporting items

Thursday, November 12 – 1903 ** It is said that Liverpool paid a transfer fee of £400 to Barnsley for Alf West, their new full back. ** It is stated that it is quite likely that John Glover, of Liverpool, one of the three players who got into […]

Liverpool got first call

Saturday, October 3 – 1903 Following the meeting yesterday of the Consultative Committee of the English Football Association, the Commission appointed to consider the case of the suspended Liverpool professionals who had signed on for Portsmouth arrived at the following decision: – “Having regard to the special circumstances […]

A commission to look at Portsmouth transfers

June 4, 1903 A commission of inquiry has been arranged concerning the “signing on” for a Southern League club (Portsmouth) of three of last season’s players of the Liverpool Football Club. The inquiry, which is anticipated with much interest by those connected with the Football League clubs and […]

Comings and goings at Liverpool F.C.

May 6, 1903 Liverpool have signed on all their last season’s players except Glover, Raybould, Goldie, and Livingston. Raybould has gone to Portsmouth, and the others are expected to go south, although all were offered the maximum wage of £4 per week. It will be hard for the […]