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A very special Thursday

The Shieldrake, Catalona, Mongolian, Labrador, Caloric and the Bonnie Princess. They all sat sail from the docks of Liverpool on Thursday, September 1, 1892. The Bonnie Princess was just crossing the Mersey while the Catalonia was off to Boston at four in the afternoon. On-board the Mongolian was […]

All LFC-presidents

Season President Comments, info 1892-1893 J. Houlding 1893-1894 J. Houlding 1894-1895 J. Houlding 1895-1896 J. Houlding 1896-1897 J. Houlding 1897-1898 J. Houlding 1898-1899 J. Houlding 1899-1900 J. Houlding 1900-1901 J. Houlding 1901-1902 J. Houlding 1902-1903 No President 1903-1904 No President 1904-1905 No President 1905-1906 No President 1906-1907 No […]

Likely brewery merger

Friday, April 8 – 1938 A proposed brewery amalgamation is the subject of negotiation. The companies concerned are Ind. Coope and Allsopp, Limited and Houlding’s Brewery Company, Limited. Ind. Coope and Allsopp have five breweries working, one being in Liverpool and the others at Burton-on-Trent (two), Romford, and […]

Ind. Coope acquire Houlding’s shares

Wednesday, April 6 – 1938 It was announced yesterday that Ind. Coope and Allsopp, Ltd., had acquired the shares of Houlding’s Brewery Company, Ltd., of Liverpool. Founded in 1864, Houlding’s Brewery Company own 18 hotels and public houses. The company will not lose their identity, and will continue […]

Joseph Orrell (Landlord – Anfield Road)

Born: January 17 – 1860, in Liverpool (Lancashire), in England. Passed away: March 16 – 1933, in Marlybone (London), in England. Timeline: 1860, February 16: Baptism, St. Peter’s, Liverpool. 1861 Census: Residence Kirkdale, aged 1. 1871 Census: Residence North Meols, Lancashire, aged 11. 1895, September 11: Marriage to […]

The “Father” of Liverpool F.C.

Saturday, April 25 – 1925 Victor Hall Pays Tribute to Alderman John Houlding There are still many men living who will cherish, while memory endures the name of John Houlding, one-time Lord Mayor of Liverpool, and the creator of the Liverpool Football Club. Indeed, the Everton club, with […]

The Tophetites and the Holdemites

Saturday, October 6 – 1917 A little brochure entitled “Chronicles of the West” or the history of the Tophetites and the Holdemites from the writings of the scribs Ahs was published locally by a Mr. Weddell about a month previous to the first meeting of Everton and Liverpool, […]

Death of Mr. George Mahon

December 9, 1908 We regret to announce the death of Mr. George Mahon, which took place on Wednesday. For some considerable time Mr. Mahon had been seriously ill, and to his immediate friends his passing away will occasion no surprise. The late Mr. Mahon was a remarkable man, […]

Liverpool F.C.: The annual meeting of 1905

June 21, 1905 The 12th annual general meeting of the shareholders of the Liverpool Football Club and Athletic Grounds Company, Ltd., was held at the Carlton Hall, Eberle Street, on Wednesday evening, when Mr. Edwin Berry, C.C., presided over a large attendance. Mr. Tom Watson, the secretary, in […]

Liverpool F.C. shares for the public

Monday, January 23 – 1905 An important step in the history of the Liverpool Football Club was taken yesterday. At the Lancashire Court of Chancery, St. George’s Hall, before Vice-Chancellor Hall, an application was made by the executors and trustees of the late Alderman John Houlding to sanction […]