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John McCartney @ PlayUpLiverpool.com

All articles about John McCartney on PlayUpLiverpool.com. About John McCartney: Born: 1866, in Pollokshaws (Renfrewshire), in Scotland. Passed away: ** I am not sure about the dates above. I know he got married on April 21, 1897 to Elizabeth Florence Ormisher. Place for marriage is West Derby, and […]

Matt McQueen: Liverpool F.C.’s choice

February 19, 1923 After careful examination of an extraordinary number of applications for the post of team-manager to the Liverpool Association Club, now threatening to establish a post-war record as League Champions, the directors of the club have appointed Matt McQueen to that position. There is no better-known […]

Mr. John McKenna’s long service

January 20, 1919 The President of the Football League, Mr. John McKenna, greatly distinguished himself in the interview with the professional players. To conduct an argument with about 70 players, full of grievances, for two hours, requires not only ability, but patience, tact, and knowledge. Mr. McKenna disarmed […]

The funeral of Tom Gracie

Tuesday, October 26 – 1915 At the funeral of Tom Gracie at Craigston Cemetery yesterday the Hearts’ Directors were represented by Mr. John McCartney, secretary, and the players by Bob Mercer. The late Tom Gracie was the leading Scottish scorer last season, 29 goals being recorded by him. […]

Liverpool linked with Bob Ferguson

Tuesday, May 7 – 1912 Liverpool have been negotiating for the transfer of Bob Ferguson, the Third Lanark centre half back. (Evening Telegraph, 07-05-1912) Wednesday, May 8 – 1912 Since Alex Raisbeck returned to Scotland his position in the Liverpool team has never been properly filled, and the […]

Barnsley F.C. and their players

Saturday, August 19 – 1899 The players engaged for the coming year had a practice match on Saturday, and gave such a display that the spectators were quite of opinion that a good position will be taken in the coming season. The players available include: Joe Greaves (goal), […]

Liverpool get £50 for McCartney

Tuesday, August 16 – 1898 An important meeting of the Executive Committee of the Football League was held last evening at the Old Boar’s Head, Manchester. It was decided that the New Brighton Tower Club will pay the following prices for their players: – To Preston North End, […]

Liverpool F.C. victorious in the FA cup

January 29, 1898 Owing to the great counter attraction at Goodison Park there was just a mere handful of spectators at Anfield Road to witness the English Cup-tie. The Liverpudlians were distinctly fortunate in being drawn against such an unknown quantity as Hucknall St. Johns – that is, […]

Liverpool at Aston Villa

October 30, 1897 The League – Division 1. Liverpool v Aston Villa, Birmingham. Kick off at three o’clock. The following will play for Liverpool – Harry Storer, goal; Matt McQueen and Tom Wilkie, backs; John McCartney, Thomas Cleghorn, and John Holmes, half backs; Robert Marshall, William Walker, Daniel […]

Everton were much the better team

October 18, 1897 The second of the annual struggle for supremacy between the two premier teams of the city, ended in as decisive a fashion as its predecessor, with this important differences that the vanquished in the first game being now conquers. This changes was manifested to an […]

Liverpool v Derby County at Anfield

October 23, 1897 The League – Division 1. Liverpool v Derby County, at Anfield-road. Kick-off at 3.15 p.m. The following will play for Liverpool – Harry Storer, goal; Archie Goldie and Tom Wilkie, backs; John McCartney, Joe McQue, and Thomas Cleghorn, half backs; Robert Marshall, William Walker, Daniel […]