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Chorley v Liverpool Reserves 4-3

Saturday, December 4 – 1909 Reserves, Lancashire Combination, at Chorley. Chorley – Liverpool Reserves 4-3 (4-3). Chorley (2-3-5): ? Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Gus Beeby; Robert Crawford, Billy Dunlop; John McConnell, Ernest Peake, Barney Dillon; James Speakman, Robert Randles, Joe Hewitt, Sam Bowyer, Harold Uren. The goals: Randles, Hewitt, […]

Liverpool Reserves v Burnley Reserves 2-2 (League match: October 30, 1909)

October 30, 1909 Reserves, Lancashire Combination, at Anfield. Liverpool Reserves – Burnley Reserves 2-2 (1-1). Referee: Mr. Whittaker. Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Gus Beeby, Wallis Dimmock, Billy Dunlop, John McConnell, William Macpherson, Barney Dillon, James Speakman, R. Lawson, Robert Randles, Bertram Goode, Sam Bowyer. Burnley Reserves (2-3-5): Stephen Tillotson, […]

Liverpool Reserves v Bolton Wanderers Reserves 4-3 (League match: September 8, 1909)

September 8, 1909 Reserves, Lancashire Combination, at Anfield. Liverpool Reserves – Bolton Wanderers Reserves 4-3 (2-2). Attendance: 3,000. Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Gus Beeby, Tom Rogers, John Dunlop, John McConnell, Ernest Peake, Barney Dillion, James Speakman, William Macpherson, William Morris, Sam Bowyer, Harold Uren. Bolton Wanderers Reserves (2-3-5): Dai […]

Points shared in the Mini Derby

September 3, 1909 As a rule the Combination fixtures of the Everton and Liverpool clubs are played as a last period of the football campaign, but the officials decided to make a change this season and play the first of the “Junior Derbys” early on. Last evening the […]

Liverpool Reserves v Everton Reserves 1-1 (League match: September 2, 1909)

September 2, 1909 Reserves, Lancashire Combination, at Anfield, kick-off: 17:45. Liverpool Reserves – Everton Reserves 1-1 (1-0). Attendance: 10,000. Referee: Mr. Kellowe. Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Gus Beeby, Tom Rogers, John Dunlop, John McConnell, Ernest Peake, Barney Dillon, Jack Parkinson, Bertram Goode, William Morris, Sam Bowyer, Harold Uren. Everton […]

The Liverpool squad 1909/1910

September 1, 1909 Complete list of men engaged for Liverpool F.C. Goal. – Sam Hardy               5  9         12   2 Gus Beeby                5  9½      11  10 Full backs. – John Dunlop            5  8½      11    7 Billy Dunlop             5  9         12    6 […]

Big changes at Anfield

June 13, 1909 There has been something akin to an upheavel at Anfield-road. In every respect last season was a disastrous one, although Liverpool profited by the misfortune of other clubs and just managed to remain in the First League. John Cox, Alex Raisbeck, Alf West, Maurice Parry, […]

High transfer-activity for Liverpool

May 16, 1909 Transfer since 1st May: – John Dunlop (Hurlford), full back, to Liverpool; Tom Rogers (Prescot), full back, to Liverpool; John McConnell (Motherwell), full back, to Liverpool; William Morris (Lincoln City), forward, to Liverpool; James Stewart (Motherwell), forward, to Liverpool; William Hunter (Liverpool), forward, to Sunderland; […]

Liverpool players signed up for next season

May 12, 1909 The following have signed on for the Liverpool club: – Gus Beeby, Billy Dunlop, John Dunlop, Robert Crawford, Thomas Rogers, Jim Harrop, Ernest Peake, James Bradley, John McConnell, Robert Robinson, Arthur Goddard, James Stewart, Bertram Goode, Sam Bowyer, William Morris, Joe Hewitt, John Macdonald, Harold […]

John Cox to get married

May 2, 1909 Several of the Liverpool players have been reported to the Football Association for refusing to sign on again though offered the maximum wage. John Cox, the Liverpool winger, who has been with the Anfielders for eleven seasons, and recently got his second benefit with the […]

Liverpool secure John McConnell

Thursday, April 15 – 1909 The trek of Scottish players for the South has commenced. Liverpool, who anticipate losing Raisbeck to a Scottish club, have made a good capture in John McConell, the left half back of Airdrieonians, one who should do well in the South. McConnell was […]