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The fishy business at Anfield

December 16, 1915 Next Saturday’s game at Anfield brings to our memory a fishy smell. Stoke and Liverpool will ever be associated with one of the few fiascos ever played. Considering the number of games played, the number of fiascos is infinitesimal and this fact is due to […]

Hunter’s off to Wee Clyde

Thursday, October 6 – 1910 Two well-known Scottish centre forwards were yesterday transferred to other clubs. John “Sailor” Hunter, who for several seasons past has been associated with the Dundee Club, has gone over to Wee Clyde. What the Shawfielders would want with another centre with so capable […]

Hunter’s opinion of the English game

Friday, May 10 – 1907 The signing of John “Sailor” Hunter, as he is popularly known on the football field, completes Dundee First League forward line for next season, Currie, the Buckhaven lad, being intended for the reserve eleven. Hunter’s first experience of English football was when he […]

Sailor sets sail for Portsmouth

Saturday, May 6 – 1905 It was officially announced on Saturday that Portsmouth had signed George Molyneux, the English international full-back, who has been several seasons with Southampton, and John “Sailor” Hunter, who was last season with Woolwich Arsenal. (Nottingham Evening Post, 08-05-1905)

The Arsenal’s big guns

October 8, 1904 At the present moment Woolwich Arsenal, who meet Aston Villa at Plumstead to-day, occupy the mind of the public, in the south at least, more than any other club. The Arsenal have reached a position in the League never yet achieved by any other Southern […]

Tom Robertson offered maximum wage

May 22, 1902 Liverpool are anything but pleased at Tom Robertson, their late full back, migrating to Southampton. It cost them close upon £400 for his transfer from Stoke, and they have not had two years’ service out of him. So far as they are aware, Robertson had […]

Holiday football at Goodison Park

Friday, March 28 – 1902 Match: Friendly, at Goodison Park, kick off: 14:00 Everton – Liverpool 0-0 (0-0) Attendance: 5,000 The Liverpool Eleven: Perkins; McCallum, Glover; Rathbone, J.Hunter, White: Goddard, “Sailor” Hunter, Green, Morris, T.Robertson. So far as Liverpool was concerned, there was no attractive football fixture yesterday, […]

Southampton v Liverpool 4-1 (FA Cup match)

Saturday, February 8 – 1902 Match: FA Cup, 2nd Round, at The Dell, kick-off: 15:15. Southampton – Liverpool 4-1 (2-0). Attendance: 20,000; gate receipt: £918. Referee: Mr. T. Kirkham (Burslem); linesmen: Messrs. A. Davis (Marlow) and G.B. Capes (Burton). Southampton (2-3-5): Jack Robinson; Charles Burgess Fry, George Molyneux; […]

A draw with no goals scored

February 3, 1902 The Blackburn Rovers and Bury should have played a League game at Bury, but the Rovers having on their Cup Tie with Derby County, Liverpool, who should have been the County League opponents, put in an appearance at Gigg Lane and played their match postponed […]

Everton v Liverpool 0-2 (FA Cup match)

Thursday, January 30 – 1902 Match: FA Cup, First Round replay, at Goodison Park, kick-off: 14:45. Everton – Liverpool 0-2 (0-1). Attendance: 25,000, Gate receipt: £800. Referee: Mr. J. Lewis. Everton (2-3-5): George Kitchen, William Balmer, Bert Sharp, Sam Wolstenholme, Tom Booth, Walter Abbott, Jack Sharp, Jack Taylor, […]

Liverpool v Everton 2-2 (FA Cup match)

Saturday, January 25 – 1902 Match: FA Cup, First Round, at Anfield, kick-off: 14:30. Liverpool – Everton 2-2 (1-0). Attendance: 30,000; gate receipt: ca £800. Referee: Mr. J.Lewis. Liverpool (2-3-5):  Bill Perkins, Tom J Robertson, William Dunlop; Charlie Wilson, Alex Raisbeck (C), William Goldie, Tom Robertson, John “Sailor” […]

Four penalties – one goal

Saturday, January 18 – 1902 Reserves, Lancashire Combination, at Goodison Park Everton Reserves – Liverpool Reserves 2-0 (1-0) Attendance: 15,000 The Liverpool Reserves Eleven: Marshall; McCallum, Glover; Parr, Wilson, Davies; Stanton “Sailor” Hunter, Green, White, Satterthwaite. Owing to the Everton League team playing at Newcastle, and the Anfielders […]

Liverpool v Nottingham Forest 0-2 (League match)

Saturday, December 14 – 1901 Match: Football League, First Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 14:30. Liverpool – Nottingham Forest 0-2 (0-2). Attendance: 12,000. Referee: Mr. F.T. Kirkham. Liverpool (2-3-5): Bill Perkins, John Glover, Billy Dunlop, George Fleming, Alex Raisbeck, William Goldie, John Cox, John “Sailor” Hunter, Sam Raybould, Andy […]

Padiham v Liverpool Reserves 2-5

Saturday, November 30 – 1901 Reserves, Lancashire League, at Padiham. Padiham – Liverpool 2-5 (1-2). Padiham (2-3-5): Lowe, Law, Dewhurst +8. Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Campbell; Don McCallum, John Robertson; Charlie Wilson, John T. Hunter, Maurice Parry; John “Sailor” Hunter, John Walker, Tommy Green, William White, John Davies. The […]

Bolton Wanderers Reserves v Liverpool Reserves 0-2 (League match: October 26, 1901)

October 26, 1901 Reserves, Lancashire Combination, at Burnden Park. Bolton Wanderers – Liverpool Reserves 0-2 (0-0). Attendance: 2,000. Bolton Wanderers (2-3-5): Hanson, Fred Halliday, Thomas Woolfall, Fred Bell, Archie Freebairn, Thomas McAteer, Reg Lawson, Harry Astley, John Worthington, Tom Barlow, David Nicoll. Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Alex Forrester, Don […]