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A historic problem sorted

During WW1 Liverpool used a player named Waine in many matches. Book sources have claimed his name was Jack Waine. By going through numerous editions of Liverpool Echo I can now say that his first name was not Jack, but Robert. Firstly I found his initial in a […]

Did the Liverpool executive over-react?

February 15, 1901 The recent suspension of five Liverpool players by their club for leaving the field during a Combination match, without the permission of the referee, will be reconsidered by the Lancashire Association (who confirmed the suspension) at Bolton next Monday. The referee, Mr. Foster, of Accrington, […]

Raybould wants to stay

Saturday, December 5 – 1903 Followers of the Anfield club will be pleased to learn that Raybould signed on for his old club on Tuesday evening. It will be remembered that Raybould, Goldie, and Glover were suspended until December 31 by the Football Association, who afterwards gave Liverpool […]

A loss on the season’s working

Tuesday, June 13 – 1933 The Liverpool Football Club report a loss on the season’s working of £1,284 compared with a profit the previous season of £2,595. This loss is due to the club’s early exit from the FA Cup. (Hull Daily Mail, 13-06-1933)

All LFC-trainers

Season Trainer(s) Comments, info 1892-1893 A Dick and J Richardson Dick Profile page 1893-1894 T Whitway 1894-1895 T Whitway and Jackson 1895-1896 T Whitway and Jackson 1896-1897 T Whitway 1897-1898 T Whitway 1898-1899 J Chapman Profile page 1899-1900 J Chapman 1900-1901 J Chapman 1901-1902 J Chapman 1902-1903 J […]

All LFC-secretaries

Season Secretary 1892-1893 W.E. Barclay 1893-1894 W.E. Barclay 1894-1895 W.E. Barclay 1895-1896 J. McKenna 1896-1897 T. Watson 1897-1898 T. Watson 1898-1899 T. Watson 1899-1900 T. Watson 1900-1901 T. Watson 1901-1902 T. Watson 1902-1903 T. Watson 1903-1904 T. Watson 1904-1905 T. Watson 1905-1906 T. Watson 1906-1907 T. Watson 1907-1908 […]

All LFC-presidents

Season President Comments, info 1892-1893 J. Houlding 1893-1894 J. Houlding 1894-1895 J. Houlding 1895-1896 J. Houlding 1896-1897 J. Houlding 1897-1898 J. Houlding 1898-1899 J. Houlding 1899-1900 J. Houlding 1900-1901 J. Houlding 1901-1902 J. Houlding 1902-1903 No President 1903-1904 No President 1904-1905 No President 1905-1906 No President 1906-1907 No […]

All LFC-managers

Season Manager Comments, info 1892-1893 W.E. Barclay Acted more as a secretary. The club most likely had a management committee. 1893-1894 W.E. Barclay 1894-1895 W.E. Barclay Barclay retired in August 1895 1895-1896 J. McKenna The club most likely had a management committee during the 1895/6 season. 1896-1897 T. […]

All LFC-directors

Board of directors and the period they served. Note, this list is not official or not complete. Very little is known of the Board between 1892 and 1904. For the period after 1904 I would say it is 95% complete. There are some names that might be missing […]

All LFC-chairmen

Season Chairman Comments, info 1892-1893 J. Houlding 1893-1894 J. Houlding 1894-1895 J. Houlding 1895-1896 J. Houlding 1896-1897 W. Houlding 1897-1898 W. Houlding 1898-1899 W. Houlding 1899-1900 W. Houlding 1900-1901 W. Houlding 1901-1902 W. Houlding 1902-1903 W. Houlding 1903-1904 W. Houlding 1904-1905 E. Berry New Board structure 1905-1906 E. […]

The team behind the team

Sunday, December 30 – 1979 They wear red, but they trade in the gold and silver of success … Liverpool F.C., feared, formidable giants of British football. And into the ‘eighties they go … as well-equipped and as hungry for prizes as they have been throughout the decade […]

The secret behind the success

Friday, December 28 – 1979 There is no secret formula behind Liverpool’s 16-year saga of success in domestic and European football. Just one word explains it all … efficiency. It is a word which applies at all levels of the club’s administration. From chairman John Smith, via the […]

Derby County v Liverpool 1-3 (League match)

Saturday, December 22 – 1979 Match: Football League, First Division, at Baseball Ground, kick-off: 15.00. Derby County – Liverpool 1-3 (1-1). Attendance: 24,945. Referee: Mr. G. Tyson. Derby County: David McKellar, David Langan, Steve Buckley, Gerry Daly, Dave Webb, Keith Osgood, Steve Emery, Barry Powell, Trevor Whymark, Roger […]

Emlyn running with the Wolves

Wednesday, August 1 – 1979 Wolves finally got their man yesterday when Emlyn Hughes completed his slow motion move from Liverpool by signing a two-year contract. But assistant manager Richie Barker, delighted at landing the 31-year old England defender for a bargain £85,000, was quick to issue Hughes […]

Liverpool is worth much more

Thursday, July 26 – 1979 Liverpool have sold English soccer short by trading their influential name to sponsorship for a meagre £50,000, say marketing experts. Though their deal to put the brand name Hitachi on their shirts has sent the rest of football seeking similar revenue, the size […]

Liverpool sign deal with Hitachi

Wednesday, July 25 – 1979 Television will be on Liverpool next season. The League champions have decided to wear shirt advertising and the sponsor will be Japanese TV and electronics giant Hitachi. That’s the name Anfield old-boy Kevin Keegan wears on his Hamburg shirt in Germany, And the […]

Keegan sold to SV Hamburg for £500,000

Friday, June 3 – 1977 Kevin Keegan completed his record-breaking £500,000 transfer to SV Hamburg yesterday – then took a swipe at the critics who have accused him of turning his back on England. “I’m no traitor. I don’t care if people do say I’m running out on […]

Spion Kop almost started rioting

Saturday, April 30 – 1977 Match: Football League, 1st Division, at Anfield. Liverpool – Ipswich Town 2-1 (0-0). Attendance: 56,044 Referee: Mr. P. Willis. Liverpool: Ray Clemence, Phil Neal, Joey Jones, Tommy Smith, Ray Kennedy, Emlyn Hughes, Kevin Keegan, Jimmy Case, Steve Heighway (sub, David Fairclough, 44), David […]

Club-by-Club-directory 1975

Saturday, August 16 – 1975 Liverpool: Admission prices: 65p – £1,30. Summer signings: Joey Jones (Wrexham, £110,000). Transferred: Frank Lane (Notts County, free), Ian McDonald (Mansfield, small fee), Joe James (Southport). Under suspension: None. Manager: Bob Paisley. (Daily Express, 16-08-1975)

Phil’s thunder sinks Carlisle United

Tuesday, January 29 – 1974 Match: FA Cup, 4th round, replay, at Brunton Park, kick off: 14:00. Carlisle United – Liverpool 0-2 (0-0). Attendance: 21,262. Referee: Mr. J.K. Taylor. The Liverpool Eleven: Clemence, Smith, Lindsay, P.Thompson, Lloyd, Hughes, Keegan, Hall, Boersma, Toshack, Callaghan. The Liverpool goals: 1-0 Boersma […]

Queen nets winner at Palace

Saturday, January 16 – 1971 Match: Football League, 1st Division, at Selhurst Park, kick off: 15:00. Crystal Palace – Liverpool 1-0 (0-0). Attendance: 28,253. The Liverpool Eleven: Clemence, Lawler, Whitham (sub, Arnold, 82), Smith, Lloyd, Hughes, Callaghan, McLaughlin, Heighway, Toshack, Hall. Bill Shankly stumled from his stand seat […]

The day Shankly growled at Bobby Robson

Friday, March 7 – 1969 Bill Shankly, Liverpool manager, growled half the length of England last night at Ipswich boss Bobby Robson. “Maybe Ipswich will want someone to do them a favour sometime,” he fumed. Shankly had tried to rearrange Liverpool’s April home game against Ipswich for tomorrow […]

“Shut yer gob, wack!”

Monday, February 20 – 1967 Take that thunderous, ear-mashing fortissimo they call the Hampden roar. Add the gentle music of a thousand grinding concrete mixers. Mix it in the sweet chorus of a herd of bull mooses calling to their mates on a sultry afternoon in the nuptial […]

Shankly raid Wrexham for duo

Thursday, October 6 – 1966 Liverpool manager Bill Shankly last night paid out £35,000 … for two “unknown” full backs from Wrexham. Stuart Mason, 18, and Peter Wall, 22, are drafted straight into Liverpool reserves at Stoke tomorrow, and Wall has had only three League games for Wrexham […]