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Matt McQueen – Liverpool F.C.’s choice

Monday, February 19 – 1923 After careful examination of an extraordinary number of applications for the post of team-manager to the Liverpool Association Club, now threatening to establish a post-war record as League Champions, the directors of the club have appointed Matt McQueen to that position. There is […]

Mr. John McKenna’s long service

Monday, January 20 – 1919 The President of the Football League, Mr. John McKenna, greatly distinguished himself in the interview with the professional players. To conduct an argument with about 70 players, full of grievances, for two hours, requires not only ability, but patience, tact, and knowledge. Mr. […]

The death of Andrew Kelvin

October 23, 1911 Andrew Kelvin, one of the original members of the Liverpool Association club recently died at his house in Kilmarnock. He took part in the first match for Liverpool, when Rotherham Town were beaten 7-0. The Liverpool side on that day was: Sydney Ross, Andrew Hannah, […]

Goalless at Anfield against Everton

Monday, November 23 – 1896 The return League encounter between these two local rivals was played at Anfield on Saturday, in the presence of over 25,000 spectators. From an easy hour the crowd pounced into the enclosure, and the weary of waiting were beguiled by the strain of […]

David Hannah, of Dundee

Friday, August 20 – 1897 David Hannah is a native of Renton, and, like the majority of the male inhabitants of that famous Dumbartonshire village, he commenced to play football at a very early age. His first Club was the Renton Thistle. His improvement was so rapid that […]

McVean and Hannah to Dundee

Tuesday, May 11 – 1897 The Dundee Football and Athletic Company have secured the services of Blyth, of Preston North End; Malcolm McVean, of Liverpool; and David Hannah, also of Liverpool, for their next season’s team. (Edinburgh Evening News, 11-05-1897)  

Exciting prospects for the coming season

Saturday, May 8 – 1897 Liverpool have got Storer and Donnelly for goal, and also Jowett, the amateur, will turn out again for them. Backs: Goldie,  Wilkie, Dunlop and, McQueen. Half-backs: McCartney, McQue, Gray (Partick Thistle), Cleghorn, and Holmes. Forwards: Marshall,  Walker (right-wing of Leith Athletic), Finnerhan (Manchester […]

Burnley pushing the legal limits

Thursday, April 1 – 1897 As to the help Burnley have got in view of the test matches, Jimmy Ross and Malcolm McVean ought to be valuable acquisitions, and Brown should be useful. It is scarcely fair to the clubs who have to fight their way into the […]

Jimmy Ross transferred to Burnley

Saturday, March 20 – 1897 On Friday the Burnley committee secured the transfer of Malcolm McVean from Liverpool and Brown from Bolton Wanderers, while on Saturday Jimmy Ross became Burnley’s player. He will figure in the team against his old club today, in fact if he doesn’t he […]

Bolton Wanderers v Liverpool 1-4 (League match)

Friday, January 1 – 1897 Match: Football League, 1st Division, at Burnden Park, kick-off: 14:15. Bolton Wanderers – Liverpool 1-4 (0-2). Attendance: 20,000. Referee: Mr. G.H.Dale. Bolton Wanderers (2-3-5): D.W. Smith, John Somerville, Di Jones, Alex Paton, Jimmy McGeachan, Archie Freebairn, Billy Thomson, TA Miller, David Nicoll, Jocky […]