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The death of Tom Nuttall

March 26, 1958 Everton Vice-Chairman. Brief illness. The death took place at Liverpool Royal infirmary today of Mr. T.C. Nuttall vice-chairman of Everton F.C., after a brief illness. He was 67 years of age. The news was a great shock to Mr. Nuttall’s many friends for he only […]

Liverpool F.C. appointments

Tuesday, August 2 – 1955 Mr. McInnes becomes secretary and Bill Liddell captain Liverpool F.C. directors, holding their first meeting of the new season last night, appointed Mr. James McInnes as secretary in succession to the late Mr. J.C. Rouse, chose Billy Liddell as captain, and re-elected Messrs. […]

Benefit for four Liverpool players

Monday, April 16 – 1945 The Management Committee of the Football League have sanctioned benefit for 16 players. They are: Bill Kinghorn, Jimmy McInnes, Berry Nieuwenhuys, John Shafto (Liverpool); Gordon, Alex Hastings, Haywood, Alex Lockie, Johnny Spuhler, Cliff Whitelum (Sunderland); Dennis Jennings, Morris (Birmingham); R. Lewis (Watford); and […]

Looking ahead to football season

June 20, 1944 The fact that the Football League Management Committee has decided there shall be no material change in the 1944-45 programme as compared with that of last season, clarifies the work of Secretary Mr. Fred Howarth, and it should not be long before the fixtures for […]

The future of football

June 14, 1944 Important football meetings will be held in Blackpool this weekend. On Friday there will be a meeting of the League Post-War Planning Committee, followed on Saturday by a meeting of the Football League Management Committee. At the Saturday’s meeting the Committee will decide the shape […]

Everton and Liverpool directors unopposed

June 1, 1944 Harmony reigns among the shareholders of Everton and Liverpool Football Clubs. There will be no elections this year for seats on the directorate – a sure sign of contentment and a tribute to the faultless management of the two clubs. No nominations from shareholders were […]

Football’s post war planning

June 30, 1942 Next season’s possible snags. Will Harrop tops poll. The most important decision made at the Football League’s annual meeting, which may have far-reaching effects on the game for years to come, was the acceptance of the Management Committee’s proposal to set up a special sub-committee […]

Next season’s football decisions

Monday, June 9 – 1941 Mr. William Cuff, Everton, was re-elected president of the management committee at the Football League annual meeting, today, in Nottingham. Mr. A. Brook Hirst, Huddersfield, was appointed senior vice-president, and Mr. A.H. Oakley, Northampton, junior vice-president. Two vacancies were filled by Mr. Will […]

Proposed fixtures

Monday, August 12 – 1940 Clubs have been fixture-making during the past few days and the Football League Management Committee considered the fixture proposals at their meeting today. As I foreshadowed Liverpool will, with League sanction, open the season here with a match at Anfield against Preston North […]

The future of League football

Tuesday, February 6 – 1940 The Football League Management Committee have arranged to hold their next meeting in London on March 4 – and it should prove the most important gathering since was started. I have little doubt that by then the League will have received numerous schemes […]

Football League: Regional football sections

October 2, 1939 Eighty-two English Football League clubs are to take part in the Regional competition, and the Management Committee at Crewe today divided the country into eight sections as follows: – North-East 11 clubs; North-West 12 clubs; East Midlands 11 clubs; Western 12 clubs; Midland eight clubs; […]

Football plans for the future

September 12, 1939 Two important meetings. A meeting of the Management Committee of the Football League will take place at Preston on Thursday and the Football Association will meet next Monday. In order to facilitate matters the members of the League Management Committee have appointed their Lancashire representatives […]

Organised football in abeyance

Wednesday, September 6 – 1939 Contracts between clubs and professionals suspended. The English Football League and the Scottish Football Association held separate meetings yesterday and both decided that all contracts between clubs and their professionals shall be suspended. Thus, all organised football remains in abeyance. The Football League […]

Liverpool players get leave

Friday, September 1 – 1939 Twenty of the Liverpool players joined their Territorial battalion yesterday, but the players will be available to oppose Chelsea to-morrow at Anfield. The commanding officer has granted the men leave to play, but of course future movements depend on the international situation. As […]

Football League proposals

May 26, 1939 The Football League balance sheet shows a profit of £18 3s. 11d. on the year, bringing the amount in Profit and Loss Account to £10,577 2s. 7d. There was an increase in the amount received as share of percentage of net takings from £2,885 in […]

Mr. Will Harrop for the management committee?

May 2, 1939 The nominations for elections to the Football League Management Committee, on June 5th, closed to-day. There are 14 candidates for five seats, as follows: – Messrs. T.A. Bancroft (Blackpool), J.J. Edwards (Arsenal), G.P. Rutherford (Newcastle United), retiring members: J. Broughton (Aston Villa), W.J. Cearns (West […]

John McKenna’s will

Saturday, June 6 – 1936 Mr. John McKenna, present of the Football League from 1910, and who died last March, left £11,182. Bequests include £1,000 to the West Lancashire Alpass Benevolent Institution to found a John McKenna annuity to be associated with the Liverpool Sincerity Lodge of Freemasons, […]

Henry Horsfall is a Liverpool player

Friday, May 15 – 1931 At a meeting of the Management Committee of the Football League at Liverpool yesterday it was reported that Henry Horsfall, who played as an amateur for Stockport County last season, had signed professional forms for Liverpool on May 5, and had also signed […]

Football League meeting (October 13, 1930)

October 13, 1930 Mr. John McKenna presided at a meeting of the Management Committee of the Football League, held at Euston Hotel, this morning. Benefits were sanctioned to: Tommy Smart (Aston Villa); Harry Bedford (Derby Couny); and Joe Harris (Newcastle United). Accrued share of benefit was granted to […]

Meeting of the Football League (June 29, 1929)

June 29, 1929 Transfer fees and benefits. Wednesday to Sheffield Wednesday. Mr. John McKenna, the President, presiding over a meeting of the Management Committee of the Football League, held at the Queen’s Highcliffe Hotel, Margate, this morning. Mr. H. Keys, the vice-president, was unfortunately absent through indisposition. Free […]