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Liverpool – Board of Directors – 1926/1927

Period: May 28 – 1926 to June 17 – 1927. Chairman: Mr. Tom Crompton. Vice-Chairman: Mr. Edward Askew Bainbridge. Board of Directors: Messrs. William Robert Williams, John Asbury, Walter Cartwright, W. Harvey Webb, James Troop, Will Harrop, Albert Edward Berry. Club Secretary: Mr. George Patterson. Team Manager: Mr. […]

The flag flew at half-mast at Anfield

August 30, 1926 The devotion of Liverpool to Association football was well exemplified by an attendance of 45,000 spectators at Anfield Road, where Manchester United were the visitors. An outstanding feature was the fine work of their new right wing pair – Gordon Hodgson, the South African, and […]

The first ever short corner?

November 17, 1924 Mr. John McKenna, President of the Football League, said in an interview at Liverpool on Monday that both Sam Chedgzoy and Jock Rutherford were within their rights when they dribbled the ball from the corner at Goodison Park on Saturday instead of taking the kick […]

Southampton v Liverpool 0-0 (FA Cup match)

Saturday, February 23 – 1924 Match: FA Cup, Third Round, at The Dell, kick-off: 15:00. Southampton – Liverpool 0-0 (0-0). Attendance: 18,671. Referee: Mr H.J. Webster (London). Southampton (2-3-5): Tommy Allen, Tom Parker, Fred Titmuss, Albert Shelley, Alec Campbell, Bill Turner, Bill Henderson, Arthur Dominy, Bill Rawlings, Cliff […]

The Liverpool manager hit by a taxi

Saturday, December 1 – 1923 Unfortunately, the return journey from Sheffield was made without Matt McQueen, who had the misfortune to be knocked down by a taxi on returning from a prospecting mission. He sustained a broken leg, and was detained in hospital, where he is making good […]

Matt McQueen: Liverpool F.C.’s choice

February 19, 1923 After careful examination of an extraordinary number of applications for the post of team-manager to the Liverpool Association Club, now threatening to establish a post-war record as League Champions, the directors of the club have appointed Matt McQueen to that position. There is no better-known […]

Liverpool – Board of Directors – 1921/1922

Period: July 5 – 1921 to July 5 – 1922. Chairman: Mr. William Robert Williams. Vice-Chairman: Mr. John Asbury. Board of Directors: Messrs. Tom Crompton, Richard Lawson Martindale Snr, Edward Askew Bainbridge, Walter Cartwright, W. Harvey Webb, John McKenna (resigned as Director July 11 – 1921), John Joseph […]

McKenna resigned in protest

Saturday, July 9 – 1921 Mr. John McKenna, chairman of the Football League, has resigned from the directorship of the Liverpool Football Club as a protest against the shareholders’ meeting refusing to re-elect two directors, Messrs. Matt McQueen and John Keating. Mr. McKenna has been a director of […]

Liverpool F.C.: The annual meeting of 1921

July 5, 1921 The annual meeting of the shareholders of the members of the Liverpool Football Club was held at the Law Association Rooms, Cook Street, last evening. Mr. W.R. Williams presided, and there was large attendance of shareholders. The chairman, in moving the adoption of the report, […]

Mr. John McKenna’s long service

January 20, 1919 The President of the Football League, Mr. John McKenna, greatly distinguished himself in the interview with the professional players. To conduct an argument with about 70 players, full of grievances, for two hours, requires not only ability, but patience, tact, and knowledge. Mr. McKenna disarmed […]

Another friendly local derby settled

February 28, 1916 Thank goodness, the men of the Liverton clubs did not besmirch their characters in the critical eye of the football world. Bradford and Sheffield ofttimes chide Lancashire upon its hold in managerial matters of football but they must not live in the same street as […]

The funeral of Tom Watson

May 11, 1915 A cool corner of Anfield Cemetery had been chosen. The sun’s rays shaded his last resting-place. “Tom” was buried there. The day was beauteously fine, and the setting of the last act was all peaceful. The whole sports-world seemed to be represented. The late manager […]