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Kenneth Campbell’s life story – Part V

June 4, 1921 When Albert Shepherd bested Liverpool, And what a walking in Epping Forest led to. By Kenneth Campbell “Kenneth Campbell, the famous goalkeeper for Partick Thistle and Scotland, continues the story of his football career. Joining Liverpool when a lad as understudy to the renounced Sam […]

Kenneth Campbell’s life story – Part IV

Saturday, May 28 – 1921 Amusing story of Buchan and Campbell When Charlie Buchan’s smile irritated me Base humour about my transfer By Kenneth Campbell “Kenneth Campbell, the famous goalkeeper for Partick Thistle and Scotland, continues the story of his football career. Joining Liverpool when a lad as […]

Footballers and their war-time work

Wednesday, May 5 – 1915 I came across Ernest Pinkney yesterday. The former Everton player had a good season with Sam Gilligan’s team, and is now looking for work. He’s a clerk, and I can recommend him. If you know of a crib that is vacant, word sent […]

Hafekost recommended to Liverpool by Gilligan

Thursday, May 7 – 1914 The Liverpool club have made an excellent capture by securing Charles Hafekost, of Gillingham. Hafekost is a native of Sunderland, and before joining Gillingham played with Sunderland Rovers. He has been a prolific scorer for the Southern League team during the past two […]

Welcome to Gillingham

January 30, 1914 Gillingham come to Anfield to-morrow with a reputation for having done good scoring works recently. The men of Kent have a Cup history that will probably surprise my readers, “K,” who writes excellent articles each week for the “Football Echo,” will in tomorrow’s issue bring […]

Lines on Gillingham

Wednesday, January 21 – 1914 Many correspondents have written to me within the past few days, and their letters chiefly concern the Liverpool forward line. Some of the letters are given below. From Chatham comes a very interesting epistle relating to the team Liverpool next oppose in the […]

Liverpool F.C. hopeful and anxious

Wednesday, January 14 – 1914 There is a tremendous battle due at Barnsley to-morrow. The incentive to win on Saturday was big, but to-morrow’s replayed tie has behind it the knowledge that the winning side has to play at home, and to a moderate side like Gillingham. Now, […]

Summer changes at Anfield

Thursday, August 14 – 1913 Liverpool’s most important new man is Thomas Fairfoull, the Third Lanark half back. Another new players is Fred Staniforth, the Grimsby Town outside right and formerly of Bristol City. Among the players who have departed are Jack Tosswill, to Southend United; Sam Gilligan, […]

Players retained by Liverpool F.C.

Monday, May 5 – 1913 Liverpool have completed their list of re-signed players. The men retained being Kenneth Campbell, Elisha Scott, Peter Malone, Ephraim Longworth, Robert Crawford, Robert Pursell, Sam Speakman, Frank Grayer, Harry Lowe, Ernest Peake, Bob Ferguson, Donald Mackinlay, James Scott, Ralph Holden, Walter Wadsworth, Arthur […]

Liverpool F.C. – statistics 1912-13

Monday, May 5 – 1913 Appearances for Liverpool F.C. in the Football League, First Division, 1912-13. 28 players. Berry, A. 1 Lowe, H.C. 33 Bovill, J. 1 Mackinlay, D. 22 Campbell, K. 37 Metcalf, A. 28 Crawford, R.S. 23 Miller, T. 30 Dines, J. 1 Parkinson, J. 24 […]

Football players in billiard match

Wednesday, March 19 – 1913 There is a boom in billiard matches in the city, and to-morrow night, at the Grove Hotel, Wallasey, a particularly interesting billiard match will be played on the new and beautiful tables at the home of the “Grove Knobs,” commencing at 7 p.m. […]

Bolton Wanderers v Liverpool 1-1 (League match)

Saturday, December 14 – 1912 Match: Football League, First Division, Burnden Park, kick-off: 14:15. Bolton Wanderers – Liverpool 1-1 (1-1). Attendance: 14,000. Referee: Mr. J.E. Hall (Birmingham); linesmen: Messrs. T.G. Bryan and S.W. Gibbons. Bolton Wanderers (2-3-5): John Edmondson, Jack Feebery, Jack Slater, Gwilym Gimblett, Sam Greenhalgh, Ernie […]

Sheffield Wednesday v Liverpool 1-0 (League match)

Saturday, October 12 – 1912 Match: Football League, 1st Division, at Owlerton, kick-off: 15:30. Sheffield Wednesday – Liverpool 1-0 (1-0). Attendance: 20,000. Referee: Mr. I. Baker (Nantwich); linesmen: Messrs. J. Cooper and H. Smith. Sheffield Wednesday (2-3-5): Teddy Davison; Ted Worrall, Jimmy Spoors; Tom Brittleton, Robert McSkimming, Jimmy […]

Liverpool F.C. – statistics 1911-12

Monday, May 6 – 1912 Appearances for Liverpool F.C. in the Football League, First Division, 1911-12. 26 players. Bovill,J. 23 McConnell, J. 8 Bowyer, S. 2 Macdonald, J. 19 Campbell, K 7 Mackinlay, D. 7 Crawford, R.S. 15 Miller, T. 7 Gilligan, S.A. 23 Orr, R. 7 Goddard, […]

Liverpool’s sign on’s for the coming season

Tuesday, April 30 – 1912 Liverpool have signed on John Bovill, Robert Crawford, Kenneth Campbell, Tom Gracie, Sam Gilligan, Harry Lowe, Ephraim Longworth, William Lacey, Hugh Lester, Peter Malone, Donald Mackinlay, Tom Miller, Ernest Peake, Robert Robinson, James Stewart, Elisha Scott, and Robert Pursell. (Dundee Courier, 30-04-1912)

Oldham Athletic v Liverpool 0-1 (League match)

Saturday, April 27 – 1912 Match: Football League, First Division, at Boundary Park, kick-off:15:30. Oldham Athletic – Liverpool 0-1 (0-1). Attendance: 6,000. Referee: Mr. H. Taylor; linesmen: Messrs. W.J. Vaughan and J. Westwell. Oldham Athletic (2-3-5): Howard Matthews, Hugh Moffat, Syd Buxton, Clare Wilson, Alf Toward, David Wilson, […]