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Trio to Portsmouth

Wednesday, August 30 – 1899 Such men as Tom Wilkie, Robert Marshall, Thomas Cleghorn, and Andy McCowie have left Liverpool, the three first named going to Southampton, whilst McCowie will this season play with Woolwich Arsenal. (Sheffield Evening Telegraph, 30-08-1899)

Comings and goings at Liverpool F.C.

Monday, May 22 – 1899 Liverpool F.C. do not hold their annual meeting till August, although their financial year ends on March 31st. They are a limited liability company, like Everton, but unlike Everton there are no shilling shareholders angrily demanding what has been done with their money, […]

Quartette for Portsmouth

Tuesday, May 9 – 1899 The newly established Portsmouth Association Football Club, which has Mr Frank Brettell (late of Tottenham Hotspur) as its manager, has now made rapid strides towards obtaining its team for next season, and there is little doubt that an admission to the Southern League […]

Scottish Spring holiday for Liverpool

Friday, April 14 – 1899 Liverpool are away in Scotland this week-end, where they are playing Celtic to-morrow and Heart of Midlothian on Monday, it being the Spring holiday there. They are sure o have a big reception after their brilliant performances since Christmas. They leave Lime-street by […]

Liverpool v Newcastle United 3-2 (League match)

Monday, April 3 – 1899 Match: Football League, 1st Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 16:00. Liverpool – Newcastle United 3-2 (2-1). Attendance: 12,000. Referee: Mr. A.W. Cooknell; linesmen: Messrs. J. Mason and J. Brotherton. Liverpool (2-3-5): Bill Perkins, General Stevenson, Billy Dunlop, Thomas Cleghorn, Alex Raisbeck, William Goldie, John […]

Notts County v Liverpool 1-1 (League match)

Tuesday, December 27 – 1898 Match: Football League, First Division, at Trent Bridge, kick-off: 14:15. Notts County – Liverpool 1-1 (0-0). Attendance: 16,000. Referee: Mr. J.H. Strawson. Notts County (2-3-5): George Toone, Thomas Prescott, George Lewis, Ernie Watts, David Calderhead, Edgar Sanderson, Arthur Hadley, Alexander Maconnachie, Tom Boucher, […]

Newcastle United v Liverpool 3-0 (League match)

Saturday, November 5 – 1898 Match: Football League, First Division, at St. James’s Park, kick-off: 15:00. Newcastle United – Liverpool 3-0 (0-0). Attendance: 12,000. Referee: Mr. J.H. Strawson (Lincoln). Newcastle United (2-3-5): Matt Kingsley, Billy Lindsay, Jimmy Jackson, Thomas Ghee, Jack Ostler, Jimmy Stott, Joe Rogers, Jimmy Stevenson, […]

Liverpool v Sheffield United 2-1 (League match)

Saturday, October 29 – 1898 Match: Football League, First Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 15:15. Liverpool – Sheffield United 2-1 (0-1). Attendance: 12,000. Referee: Mr. S. Thomas. Liverpool (2-3-5): Harry Storer, Archie Goldie, Billy Dunlop, Rab Howell, Alex Raisbeck, Thomas Cleghorn, Bobby Marshall, Andy McCowie, George Allan, Hugh Morgan, […]

Next season’s players for Liverpool F.C.

Wednesday, May 11 – 1898 The Liverpool Club’s team for next season will be selected from the following: – Goal: Harry Storer; backs – Archie Goldie, Billy Dunlop, and Tom Wilkie; half backs – Rab Howell, Alex Raisbeck, William Goldie, Barney Battles, and Thomas Cleghorn; forwards – Robert […]

Liverpool v Sheffield United 1-0 (Friendly match)

Saturday, April 30 – 1898 Match: Friendly, at Anfield, kick off: 16:00. Liverpool – Sheffield United 1-0 (0-0). Attendance: 500. Referee: Mr. J. Lewis (Blackburn). Liverpool (2-3-5):  Harry Storer, Archie Goldie, Tom Wilkie, Rab Howell, Thomas Cleghorn, William Goldie, Robert Marshall, Andrew McCowie, Fred Geary, Daniel Cunliffe, Tom […]

Archie Goldie refuses to re-sign

Saturday, April 30 – 1898 The following players have signed on for Liverpool:  – Harry Storer, Billy Dunlop, Tom Wilkie, Thomas Cleghorn, Barney Battles, William Goldie, Andy McCowie, Frank Becton, John Walker (new player), Hugh Morgan and Thomas Robertson. As Archie Goldie has refused to re-sign up to […]

Notts County v Liverpool 3-2 (League match)

Saturday, April 2 – 1898 Match, Football League, First Division, at Trent Bridge, kick-off: 15:30. Notts County – Liverpool 3-2 (1-1). Attendance: 8,000. Notts County (2-3-5): George Toone; Thomas Prescott, George Lewis; Edgar Sanderson, David Calderhead, Alec Stewart; John Leonard, John Allan, Tom Boucher, Harry Fletcher, Jack Fraser. […]

Liverpool v Bury 2-2 (League match)

Thursday, March 31 – 1898 Match: Football League, First Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 17:00. Liverpool – Bury 2-2 (1-2). Attendance: 3,000. Liverpool (2-3-5): Harry Storer; Archie Goldie, Billy Dunlop; Barney Battles, John Holmes, Thomas Cleghorn; Fred Geary, Andy McCowie, Robert Colvin, Frank Becton, Harry Bradshaw. Bury (2-3-5): Archie […]

Liverpool v Newton Heath 2-1 (FA Cup match)

Wednesday, February 16 – 1898 Match: FA Cup, 2nd Round reply, at Anfield, kick.off: 15:00. Liverpool – Newton Heath 2-1 (0-1). Attendance: 6,000. Referee: Mr.A.J. Barker. Liverpool (2-3-5): Harry Storer; Tom Wilkie, Billy Dunlop; John McCartney, Joe McQue, Thomas Cleghorn; Daniel Cunliffe, Patrick Finnerhan, Abe Hartley, Frank Becton, […]

The squad for the Scotland tour

Saturday, January 1 – 1898 Mr. Campbell states that Mr. Tom Watson sends the following as the probable Liverpool team against the Hearts on Monday: Willie Donnelly; Archie Goldie and Tom Wilkie; George Hastings, Charlie Wilson, and Thomas Cleghorn; Robert Marshall, William Walker, Abe Hartley, Andy McCowie, and […]

Sheffield United v Liverpool 1-2 (League match)

Wednesday, December 29 – 1897 Match: Football League, First Division, at Bramall Lane, kick off: 14:30. Sheffield United – Liverpool 1-2 (1-1). Attendance: 5,000. Referee: Mr. A.H.B. Coulson (his first match as a Football League referee). Sheffield United (2-3-5): Billy Foulke, Harry Thickett, Bob Cain, Raby Howell, Harry […]