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Oldham Athletic v Liverpool 2-1 (War time, League match)

Saturday, April 8 – 1916 Match: Lancashire Section, supplementary tournament, at Boundary Park. Oldham Athletic – Liverpool 2-1 (2-0). Attendance: 2,000. Referee: Mr. J.T. Howcroft; linesmen: Messrs. F.H. Heald and H. Howard. Oldham Athletic (2-3-5): Howard Matthews; Hodson, Hugh Moffat; Cavanagh, Elliot Pilkington, Wilson; Walters, Wolstenholme, Cashmore, Lashbrooke, […]

Uncertainties in the forward line

Friday, March 24 – 1916 To-morrow, for sample, Stockport will not allow Liverpool a walk over. As Liverpool have recently shown a better understanding than at the outset of the season. It is a pity they are not at full strength, a notable absentee being Mackinlay, who was […]

Manchester United v Liverpool 0-0 (League match=

Saturday, March 18 – 1916 Match: Lancashire Section, supplementary tournament, at Old Trafford. Manchester United – Liverpool 0-0 (0-0). Attendance: 10,000. Referee: Mr. J.I. Turner; linesmen: Messrs. J. Westwell and F.W. Johnson. Manchester United (2-3-5): John Swann; Tommy Lucas, Cyril Barlow; Foster, Walter Davies, Tommy Gipps; Fred Hopkin, […]

United in sixes and sevens

Friday, March 17 – 1916 For the second week in succession Liverpool go to Manchester. Last week they did well to draw at Hyde-road, and they are hopeful that their visit to Old Trafford will yield one or more points, because United are at sixes and sevens, and […]

Rochdale v Liverpool 3-1

Saturday, January 15 – 1916 Match: Lancashire Section, principal tournament, at Spotland, kick-off: 14:45. Rochdale – Liverpool 3-1 (0-1). Attendance: 3,000. Referee: Mr. R. McLachlan; linesmen: Messrs. J. Westwell and T.W. Wilson. Rochdale (2-3-5): Arthur Causer; Daniel Crossan, A. Caldwell; Sam Challoner, Kay, Jim Tully; Archie Rawlings, James […]

A large crowd expected at Anfield

Friday, December 31 – 1915 All through the season Liverpool Football Club have been springing surprises on us by selecting unknown quantities. Part of their charm is their uncertainty – the club’s charm, I mean. The new players they have enlisted have proved themselves most capable players, and […]

A new player in Waine

Thursday, December 30 – 1915 Liverpool F.C. have been going great guns recently, and their local victory over Everton is sufficient to entice their followers to attend Saturday’s game at Anfield versus Preston North End. Few folk know that Liverpool have been doing marvels in the scoring line […]

The men on the spot

Monday, December 27 – 1915 Player Birthplace Height Weight ft. ins. st. lbs. E. Scott Belfast 5 9 10 6 E. Longworth Bolton 5 8 1/2 11 2 J. Middlehurst Prescot 5 6 1/2 11 6 N.B. Bradley Kirkdale 5 7 1/2 11 2 A. Goddard Stockport 5 […]

Liverpool win 5-2 at Everton

Monday, December 27 – 1915 Match: Friendly, at Goodison Park Everton – Liverpool 2-5 (2-2) Attendance: 20,000 Referee: Mr. Forshaw. The Liverpool Eleven: E. Scott; Longworth, Middlehurst; Bradley, Goddard, Wadsworth; Pinkey, Watson, Pagnam, Banks, Dawson. The Liverpool goals: 1-0 Pagnam (5 min), 2-2 Dawson (40 min), 3-2 Watson […]

Share of points at Christmas Day

Saturday, December 25 – 1915 Match: Lancashire Section, principal tournament, at Turf Moor. Burnley – Liverpool 3-3 (1-1). Attendance: 12,000; gate receipt £263. Referee: Mr. F.L. Shepherd. Burnley (2-3-5): Jerry Dawson; Tom Bamford, David Taylor; Albert Walmsley, Tommy Boyle, Billy Nesbitt; Bob Kelly, Dick Lindley, Bert Freeman, Teddy […]

Turf Moor on Christmas Day

Friday, December 24 – 1915 Liverpool are at Burnley on Christmas Day, and for this game they travel to-night. Burnley, as top-sawyers must be respected, but we must remember that Liverpool have already shown their ability to beat Burnley this season – therefore Liverpool may spring a nice […]

Finally the truth is out

Thursday, December 23 – 1915 Truth will out. Last Easter Manchester United Football Club beat Liverpool F.C. 2-0. The result was in accord with anticipation. So much so that a bookmaker who had issued coupons for bets, and had offered 8 to 1 against a correct score being […]

Liverpool v Stoke 2-0 (War time League match)

Saturday, December 18 – 1915 Match: Football League, Lancashire Section, at Anfield. Liverpool – Stoke 2-0 (1-0), (match played over 2 x 40 min.). Attendance: 7,000. Referee: Mr. T. Nelson. Liverpool (2-3-5): Elisha Scott; Ephraim Longworth, James Middlehurst; Norman Bradley, Arthur Goddard, Walter Wadsworth; Ernest Pinkney, Wilfred Watson, […]

Tough test with Stoke awaits

Friday, December 17 – 1915 Stoke have been one of the surprising teams of the Lancashire League tourney. They beat Preston, ran Burnley to goal, drew with Rochdale, and beat Manchester City by a goal to nil. At the outset of the season we were apt to look […]

Liverpool lose in the howling wilderness

Saturday, December 11 – 1915 Match: Lancashire Section, principal tournament, at Hyde Road. Manchester City – Liverpool 2-1 (1-0). Attendance: 6,000. Referee: Mr. J.H. Alderson. The Liverpool Eleven: E. Scott; Longworth, Speakman; Bradley, Goddard, McKinlay; Pinkney, Watson, Pagnam, Banks, Metcalf. The Liverpool goal: 1-1 Watson (pen). At the […]

Hyde-road a dismal hole

Friday, December 10 – 1915 Hyde Park we know, but Hyde-road Park is a park of another colour. It is a dismal hole, and the half finished stands seem to mock the spectators. The draughts are sharp enough to shave you, and the approach to the ground is […]

Trio returns for City clash

Thursday, December 9 – 1915 Liverpool’s team is as follows for the Manchester City match: – E. Scott; Longworth, Speakman; Bradley, Goddard, McKinlay; Pinkney, Watson, Pagnam, Banks, Metcalf. Thus Metcalf, Bradley, and Speakman return to the side. (Liverpool Echo, 09-12-1915)

Liverpool’s success over Everton

Monday, November 29 – 1915 Decisive victory over Everton. Liverpool’s spell of non-success in the local “Derby” games played at Anfield ended on Saturday, when they gained a clever and decisive victory over the Goodison Park club. Liverpool had waited long for a victory, for one has to […]