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Scotsmen who used to come down from the hills

October 25, 1924 Before the League matches had absorbed every available Saturday and holiday fixture date, Everton, and later on Liverpool, made a feature each season of arranging friendly matches with some of the foremost Scottish clubs, and, home-and-home fixtures with Queen’s Park, Celtic, and Rangers took place […]

William Macpherson off to New Zealand

October 15, 1913 William Macpherson, late of Beith, St Mirren, Hearts and Rangers, sailed from London on Saturday for New Zealand, where he intends to settle. The Ayrshire man may play football in the Antipodes if a suitable chance comes his way. (Evening Telegraph: September 15, 1913) NOTE: […]

Liverpool Reserves v Burnley Reserves 2-2 (League match: October 30, 1909)

October 30, 1909 Reserves, Lancashire Combination, at Anfield. Liverpool Reserves – Burnley Reserves 2-2 (1-1). Referee: Mr. Whittaker. Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Gus Beeby, Wallis Dimmock, Billy Dunlop, John McConnell, William Macpherson, Barney Dillon, James Speakman, R. Lawson, Robert Randles, Bertram Goode, Sam Bowyer. Burnley Reserves (2-3-5): Stephen Tillotson, […]

Liverpool Reserves v Bolton Wanderers Reserves 4-3 (League match: September 8, 1909)

September 8, 1909 Reserves, Lancashire Combination, at Anfield. Liverpool Reserves – Bolton Wanderers Reserves 4-3 (2-2). Attendance: 3,000. Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Gus Beeby, Tom Rogers, John Dunlop, John McConnell, Ernest Peake, Barney Dillion, James Speakman, William Macpherson, William Morris, Sam Bowyer, Harold Uren. Bolton Wanderers Reserves (2-3-5): Dai […]

Glasgow Rangers’ prospects

August 8, 1908 Glasgow Rangers F.C. believe they have an array of talent second to none. In fact, it is said to be the best which has represented the club since the year 1896-7, when the “Light Blues” won the three cups – the Scottish, the Glasgow, and […]

Liverpudliana: By Richard Samuel (May 9, 1908)

May 9, 1908 Liverpool have also nearly completed their players’ autograph-book for 1908-9. The list is as follows. Goal: Sam Hardy and Donald Sloan. Backs: Alf West, Percy Saul, Thomas Rogers, and Ted Hughes. Half-backs: Maurice Parry, Alex Raisbeck, James Bradley, Jim Harrop, George Latham, James Hughes, and […]

Ned Doig is not re-signed

May 4, 1908 Liverpool have signed the following players for next season: – Sam Hardy, Donald Sloan, Alf West, Percy Saul, Tom Rogers, Ted Hughes, Tom Chorlton, Maurice Parry, Alex Raisbeck, James Bradley, Jim Harrop, George Latham, James Hughes, Sam Hignett, Arthur Goddard, Robert Robinson, Jack Parkinson, Joe […]

Anfield Happenings (April 25, 1908)

April 25, 1908 A busy weekend. Three matches in four days is sufficient for even the most avaricious of football spectators, and that was Liverpool’s little lot. Three points were gained from the three events, but they were certainly not obtained in the same was as anticipated. No […]

Chelsea v Liverpool 0-2 (League match)

Monday, April 20 – 1908 Match: Football League, First Division, at Stamford Bridge, kick-off: 15:30. Chelsea – Liverpool 0-2 (0-0). Attendance: 35,000. Referee: Mr. A. Green. Chelsea (2-3-5): Jack Whitley; John Cameron, Tommy Miller; Robert McRoberts, James Stark, Ted Birnie; Billy Brawn, Percy Humphreys, George Hilsdon, Jimmy Windridge, […]

Liverpool v Everton 0-0 (League match)

Good Friday, April 17 – 1908 Match: Football League, First Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 14:00. Liverpool – Everton 0-0 (0-0). Attendance: 42,000. Referee: Mr. T. Kirkham; linesmen: Messrs. A. Pellowe and T. Lomax. Liverpool (2-3-5): Sam Hardy; Alf West, Tom Rogers; Maurice Parry, Alex Raisbeck, James Bradley; Arthur […]

Anfield Happenings (April 17, 1908)

April 17, 1908 Liverpool at Newcastle. The Livers cannot look back to their encounter with Newcastle with any satisfaction. They have met three times this season, twice in League matches and once in an English Cup Tie, and each time the Livers have had to bite the dust. […]

Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool 1-3 (League match)

Monday, April 6 – 1908 Match: Football League, First Division, at Ewood Park, kick-off: 17:30. Blackburn Rovers – Liverpool 1-3 (1-2). Attendance: 8,000. Referee: Mr. Sharpe (Lichfield). Blackburn Rovers (2-3-5): Willie McIver; Bob Crompton, Tommy Suttie; Albert Walmsley, Joe Wilson, Billy Bradshaw; Arnie Whittaker, Johnny Orr, Ellis Crompton, […]

Anfield happenings (April 4, 1908)

April 4, 1908 Liverpool and the Shakers The match between Liverpool and Bury should have been played at Anfield, but owing to the selection of the ground for the great semi-final, it was transferred to Bury, where the Liverpool had a fixture owing to the abandonment of a […]

Liverpool v Manchester United 7-4 (League match)

Wednesday, March 25 – 1908 Match: Football League, First Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 17:00. Liverpool – Manchester United 7-4 (4-0). Attendance: 10,000. Referee: Mr. R. Eccles. Liverpool (2-3-5): Ned Doig, Alf West, Percy Saul, Tom Chorlton, Alex Raisbeck, Jim Harrop, Arthur Goddard, Robert Robinson, Joe Hewitt, William Macpherson, […]

Anfield happenings (March 14 – 1908)

Saturday, March 14 – 1908 The Livers having no further interest in Cup Ties, they proceeded with their League programme, and paid a visit to Notts County at Trent Bridge. When the Lambs were in Liverpool they were badly beaten, and some hopes were entertained that this would […]