The Unofficial Liverpool F.C. Museum

There are many of us who share the same passion for the history of Liverpool F.C. On Facebook I try to help out with Jim and Jeff with posting interesting articles or stories about Liverpool F.C.. Now the Unofficial Liverpool F.C. Museum is a Facebook page you need to click on the “Like” button to be able to follow and get updates. You will find this Facebook page here.

What you find on the Facebook-pages are:
Banners, letters, badges, Robbie Fowler nose bandages, or bits of the old stadium.
If you have any old Liverpool artifacts get on here and share with other Red history enthusiasts like myself… It is like a virtual museum for anything that evokes memories of the clubs past. Big or small, ordinary and extraordinary. If it means something special to you as a Red… share it on here.
Housekeeping notes:
Please let users of the page know in whose possession the item resides.
Please do not post or re-post images of items without permission from their owners.

Jim, Jeff and Kjell

LFC letterhead