Tony Onslow’s Corner

On this page you will find articles written by Mr. Tony Onslow. Tony is a proper scouser and an Evertonian blue, but his interest in football history make him a valuable writer on these pages.

Tony writes his own articles and he spend quite a lot of time researching them.

Tony has written a few books on Everton F.C. and also about Bootle.

Whether you are blue or red, striped or wearing hoops – please welcome Tony.

Tony’s articles can be found here.

Tony Onslow II  Tony Onslow IV Tony Onslow

One comment

  1. Tony,

    I was wondering if you could tell me anything about the new fledgling Liverpool Association team that got beat 13-0 at home in late September 1880, against an admittedly experienced no nonsense Darwen, who were no doubt still smarting for having had Fergus Suter poached by Blackburn Rovers late in the summer just gone.
    Unfortunately the match report i have of the game concentrates mainly on the re-shuffling of the Darwen back-line and fails to mention a single Liverpool player by name, though the report did say:
    ‘Saturday last will be remembered by the Liverpool dribblers as a very forcible inauguration of their career in the football arena’


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