Blackburn Olympic v Old Etonians 2-1 (English FA Cup Final: March 31, 1883)

March 31, 1883
Match: English FA Cup, Final, at Kennington Oval, kick-off: 15:35.
Blackburn Olympic – Old Etonians 2-1, after extra time; 1-1 (0-1).
Attendance: 8,000.
Referee: Mr. Charles Crump (Birmingham FA); umpires: Messrs. M.P. Betts (Old Harrowians) and W. Peirce Dix (Sheffield FA).
Blackburn Olympic (2-3-5): Thomas Hacking; James Ward, Albert Warburton (C); Thomas Gibson, Jack Hunter, William Astley; John Yates, Jimmy Costley, George Wilson, Arthur Matthews, Thomas Dewhurst.
Old Etonians (2-2-6): John Rawlinson; Thomas French, Percy de Paravicini; Hon. Arthur Kinnaird (C), Charles Foley; William Anderson, John Chevallier, Reginald Macaulay, Harry Goodhart, Herbert Bainbridge, Arthur Tempest Blakiston Dunn.
The goals: 0-1 Goodhart (30 min.), 1-1 Matthews, 2-1 Costley (110 min.).

Match report from the Morning Post (London), Monday, April 2 – 1883:

1883 FA Cup final 1

Arthur Tempest Blakiston Dunn, Old Etonians (Lloyd’s Weekly News: April 10, 1892):


One comment

  1. Thanks great piece.
    Blackburn Olympic were reformed in 1959 and presently play in the Blackburn & District Combination Division 2.
    In process of getting permission from FA to have “FA Cup Winners 1883” on shirts. FA have granted it to Clapham Rovers (reformed 1996) & Wanderers (reformed 2009).
    Will let you know how we get on.

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