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Uncle Bob won it all

Wednesday, February 14 – 1996 Bob Paisley, English football’s reluctant genius, died yesterday bequeathing our national game a record that will never be surpassed. The man whose penchant for woollen cardigans gave him the appearance of a favourite uncle rather than the Liverpool manager who terrorised Europe, was […]

Bob Paisley rides again

Thursday, May 19 – 1977 This time he is leading a red army into battle Bob Paisley, manager of League champions Liverpool rode into Rome more than thirty years ago on board a tank, a member of a liberating army. In a way it is a similar rumbling, […]

Shankly’s famous quotes from 1974

Saturday, July 13 – 1974 “There are some people who think that football is a matter of life and death. They are fools. It is much more important than that.” No prizes for guessing – or remembering – the source of that remark: Bill Shankly. It captures so […]

Billy Liddell – Emperor of Merseyside

Monday, December 23 – 1957 Here is the happiest Soccer story of the year, with sensational goodwill; bursting out all over. It happened at a Liverpool boardroom party yesterday when club chairman Tom Williams presented Billy Liddell, 35, and still the emperor of Merseyside Soccer with: A radiogram, […]

6 a.m. reveille for Liverpool F.C. players

August 1, 1939 In camp with the “terriers” It’s grand training for football. Liverpool Football Club will hold their first practice match this week – for the benefit of Britain’s Territorials. Arrangements have been completed for the players to have a match at Langrove Camp, Park Mill, Swansea, […]

Elisha Scott by Elisha Scott

October 23, 1929 In 1919 football recommenced after being stopped by the war. But in my opinion there was a far more important happening in the football world. The Irish selectors found a young broth of a boy playing goalie for Liverpool and decided that no other should […]

The “Father” of Liverpool F.C.

Saturday, April 25 – 1925 Victor Hall Pays Tribute to Alderman John Houlding There are still many men living who will cherish, while memory endures the name of John Houlding, one-time Lord Mayor of Liverpool, and the creator of the Liverpool Football Club. Indeed, the Everton club, with […]

Scotsmen who used to come down from the hills

October 25, 1924 Before the League matches had absorbed every available Saturday and holiday fixture date, Everton, and later on Liverpool, made a feature each season of arranging friendly matches with some of the foremost Scottish clubs, and, home-and-home fixtures with Queen’s Park, Celtic, and Rangers took place […]