We hear and see ….

August 18, 1888
That a Scottish contemporary has made the discovery that the Goodalls (Johnny and Archie) go to Derby County, N.J. Ross goes to Everton, and Sandy Robertson leaves North End to go back to Scotland; that this is really wonderful, seeing that Johnny Goodall has signed for North End, and that Sandy Robertson has done likewise; that many of the defamers of the North End would just like to see something of this sort coming off, but they will be disappointed; that the North End, if reports are reliable, will be about the least changed of any of the large professional teams in the country; that only change will be R. Holmes, at back for Ross, and W. Graham for Sandy; that the North End will, therefore, be as follows during the season: Goal, Trainer and R. Smalley; backs, Howarth and Holmes; half-backs, W. Graham, Russell, J. Graham, and Robertson; forwards, Gordon and Ross, right wing, Goodall, centre, Dewhurst and Drummond, left wing; reserves, Thomson and Edwards; that W. Graham will be played as often as possible, Sandy being the man on the other occasion; that from this it will be seen that North End will be, generally speaking, quite as strong as ever; that any weakness in the left back position will not be felt as it would if the halves also had been weakened by the substitution of Saunders for Robertson; that supporters of the club may, therefore, rest quite content; that Mr. Sudell, and he’s a good judge, thinks the club’s prospects are more rosy than ever.

That everybody is on the qui vive as to what kind of a player Wullie Graham, the North End’s new half-back is; that they may rest assured he is a good one, or Mr. Sudell would not have “laid hands” on him; that he played against the West Bromwich Albion last week, and an enthusiast, but none the less a judge, asserts that “e is a grand ‘ un; that Wullie has not been accustomed to play before more than 400 to 500 spectators, so that he may be a little nervous at the outset; that at West Bromwich he had plenty of confidence, and played such a game as his brother played against Church when he first joined the team; that those who saw Graham play on the occasion referred to will be able to form an estimate of the new-comer; that Wyllie will play against the Glasgow Rangers on the 1st prox., and then take up his abode in Preston.

That on Tuesday evening the members of the North End Reserve team were entertained by the committee to dinner; that during the “after proceedings” the men “swore allegiance;” that the ranks of the sworn will be reinforced by a couple of promising local players, viz., Howat, of the Ashton Rovers, and Tom Iddon, of Walton-le-Dale; that both are good players, and with a little more experience will be good enough to do occasional duty with the first team; that “little” Turner, formerly of North End Reserve, has signed his professional form to play for Halliwell first team.
(Lancashire Evening Post: August 18, 1888)

Note that the article called “Wullie” Graham.

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