Glasgow v London 5-1 (Inter City: March 23, 1889)

March 23, 1889
Match: Inter City, at Hampden Park.
Glasgow – London 5-1 (2-0).
Attendance: 2,000.
Referee: Mr. Gowan (Queen’s Park); umpires: Messrs. T. Gunning (London FA) and A. Sliman.
Glasgow (2-3-5): A. Duff (Cowlairs), D. Sillars (Pollockshields Athletic), Michael McKeown (Celtic), Robert Marshall (Partick Thistle), J. Cherrie (Clyde), James McPherson (Cowlairs), G. Hector (Battlefield), T. McInnes (Cowlairs), William Paul (Partick Thistle), Jamie McPherson (Cowlairs), W. Gray (Pollockshields Athletic).
London (2-3-5): R. Florence (Old St. Mark’s), E.P. Anderson (Crusaders), E. Jackson (Lancing Old Boys), R.H. Clark (Clapton), William Norman Winckworth (Old Westminsters), F. Le Warne (St. Bartolomew’s Hospital), R.G. Hogarth (St. Bartholomew’s Hospital), H.M. Walters (Casuals), George Brann (Swifts), A.W. Lemarchand (St. Bartholomew’s Hospital), J.E. Adamson (Old St. Mark’s).
The goals: 1-0 McPherson, 2-0 McPherson, 3-0 Hector, 4-0 Hector, 5-0 Paul, 5-1 ‘scrimmage’ (87 min.).

William Paul, Partick Thistle (Scottish Referee: November 19, 1888):


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