Fleetwood Rangers v Liverpool

November 12, 1892
Fleetwood Rangers v Liverpool.
This fixture was played at Fleetwood, in the presence of a vast crowd of spectators. The homesters shaped remarkably well at the commencement, showing fine combination, but the visitors’ forwards got down in turn, and opened the scoring. After this the Rangers went away with a rush, and with a tremendously long shot James Brogan equalised, the shot certainly being one of the best-ever seen on the Copse field. A magnificent run down by the visitors’ left ended in the leather bounding through off the upright, and the third point for Liverpool soon followed. Fleetwood were sorely pressed for about a quarter of an hour, and Chapman did some good work. Towards the end of the half the homesters gave their opponents’ backs plenty of work, but failed to score again.

Half-time: Liverpool 3, Rangers 1.

On the re-start the Rangers assumed the aggressive, and the visitors’ defence was taxed to the utmost. Both sides now attacked alternately, and the game began to be fast and exciting. The Liverpool forwards played with much dash, and early added another point. The homesters tried hard, but their opponents were a more powerful set, and the defence was perfect.

Result: Liverpool 4, Rangers 1.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: November 12, 1892)

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