A new team at Woodcroft Park

January 7, 1893
Liverpool Old Boys have acquired the ground known as Woodcroft Park, Wavertree, lately occupied by Caledonians F.C., and their home matches will be played on it in future. The accommodation for spectators is excellent, there being two stands (one covered), about 40 yards long each, with ample press conveniences.

There is also a good racing track, and the ground is very suitable for race meetings. The situation is most central, being only a minute`s walk from Wavertree Station, and within easy distance of Sefton Park, Wavertree, and Fairfield. The turf is perfectly level and well drained.
(Liverpool Mercury: January 7, 1893)

Article from the Liverpool Football Echo, Saturday, January 7 – 1893.
Woodcroft Park


  1. Interesting articles on Liverpool Caledonians. Does anyone know what eventually happened to Woodcroft Park and where exactly it was located? I’m guessing it wasn’t part of Wavertree Park, so maybe it’s under what is now Woodcroft Road?

    1. Hi Paul,

      I have had a comment on the posting I made for you on my Facebook page. The posting include maps and I cannot copy them here.

      But the postings read:

      Daz Waite OPTION 1: Woodcroft Park was celebrated for its level pitch. The 1890-93 map has levels plotted on it which I’ve reproduced here. I’ve also put the maximum size for a premiership football pitch (120 x 90 metres) and a 1/4 mile athletics track, to give us an idea of scale.

      The football stands, in each case, were only 40 yards long (about 120 feet) or just over a quarter of the pitch length; the maximum, full length of a pitch today is about 393 feet (120 m) approx.

      The plot of land closest to the station seems the most level, at +140.0 there or thereabouts. And the Stands and 1/4 mile tracks fits nicely alongside it.

      (The location of each level is beneath the cross (+) as +147.3)

      Map 1890-93

      And then:

      Daz Waite OPTION 2: Most football pitches have an orientation which is almost north / south along the length of its pitch. Usually ten degrees off to the left or right of due north (0/360 degrees). This is to keep the glare of the sun out of key player’s eyes, namely the goalkeepers.

      Athletics track – I’ve placed north of the football pitch, because on the 1890-93 map they are already showing the future street expansion north off Lawrence Road, so must have been already earmarked. So perhaps not the site of the athletics track which was part of the sale to the Old Boys in 1893. I’m assuming the the track didn’t wrap around the football pitch and was a separate entity.

      See if you can click on this link to see the maps as well: https://www.facebook.com/lfchistorian/posts/413391775476661?comment_id=425518777597294&notif_t=share_comment



      1. Hi Kjell – many thanks for this, this is very useful new information.
        Incidentally, I have also posted my enquiry about Woodcroft Park on a football forum, which has also generated a little more information (see the thread at http://nonleaguematters.co.uk/forum/gforum.cgi?post=635062;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;guest=36040268 ) and I’ve shared all that with the secretary of the Wavertree Society, who has been researching this mystery for a while longer!
        I will pass your message with Daz’s posting onto him.
        Thanks again, and I’ll continue to keep an eye on your excellent facebook page!
        Cheers, Paul

      2. Hi Kjell, that’s great, thanks.
        I’ve shared this article with the Wavertree Society, who seem to be making progress in solving the mystery of the ground…. but nothing definitive yet! There have been a number of recent appeals for information in the press, including on the BBC (see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-31148503 ) which has generated a lot of interest so we’re hopeful.
        I’ll keep checking in with your Facebook in the meantime, and thanks again for all your help so far.
        Cheers, Paul

      3. Hi Kjell, thanks for this. Good stuff. Also, I’ve just noticed that you also wrote to me last October! That arrived in my spam folder and I did not notice it, so belated thanks for that too. I haven’t heard from Mike at the Wavertree Society for a long time so will drop him a line to see if he has any further new information. All the best Paul

        On Sunday, 7 February 2016, The history of Liverpool Football Club wrote:

        > kjehan commented: “Hello. Just wanted to tips you that there is a little > discussion about this now on a Facebook group called “Hidden Liverpool”. > https://www.facebook.com/groups/hiddenhistories/ Kjell” >

    1. Thanks Kjell. I’m not on Facebook but will check in on your link to see if we get any replies. Cheers,

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