Stockton F.C. in heights and weights

February 6, 1893
The heights and weights of the Stockton-players are:
Charlie Ramsey, 176 cm. (5ft. 9½in.), and 89 kilo (14st.);
Bob Shaw, 173 cm. (5ft. 8in.), and 68 kilo (10st. 9lb.);
Robert McDermid, 168 cm. (5ft. 6in.), and 76 kilo (12st.);
James Graham, 170 cm. (5ft. 7in.), and 71 kilo (11st. 3lb.);
James Hulton, 165 cm. (5ft. 5in.), and 71 kilo (9st. 6lb.);
Willie Willocks, 169 cm. (5ft. 6½in.), and 72 kilo (11st. 5lb.);
O.C. Aitken, 168 cm. (5ft. 6in.), and 68 kilo (10st. 10lb.);
Gavin Thompson, 174 cm. (5ft. 8½in.), and 73 kilo (11st. 8lb.);
Robert McClung, 170 cm. (5ft. 7in.), and 68 kilo (10st. 11lb.);
Jack Jones, 176 cm. (5ft. 9½in.), and 76 kilo (12st.);
Bill Crawford, 178 cm. (5ft. 10in.), and 76 kilo (12st.);
Billy Lindsay, 178 cm. (5ft. 10in.), and 79 kilo (12st. 6lb.);
Frank Deakin, 162 cm. (5ft. 4in.), and 59 kilo (9st. 3lb.);
Tommy Strachan, 163 cm. (5ft. 4½in.), and 63 kilo (10st.);
Billy Townley, 180 cm. (5ft. 11in.), and 68 kilo (10st. 11lb.).
(Source: Athletic News: February 6, 1893)

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