Good business for Darwen Football Club

July 9, 1894
The new officials of the Darwen Football Club are showing business-like qualities, and in the course of a few days we may be able to take accurate measure of the team which will represent the club.

The players signed on to date are Henry Briggs, James Orr, William Lee (Don Lee), Dilworth Hartley, William McKennie, and Alan Maxwell, and it may be taken for granted that John Leach and James Haddow will also sign on.

It is generally thought that in securing, last week, Billy Townley, the Blackburn Rovers international left-winger, and William Russel, ex-Kilmarnock back, they have done a good stroke of business.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: July 9, 1894)

James Haddow, Darwen F.C.

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