Sheffield v Glasgow 5-1 (Inter City: November 7, 1896)

November 7, 1896
Match: Inter City, at Bramall Lane (Sheffield).
Sheffield – Glasgow 5-1 (1-0).
Attendance: 2,000.
Referee: Mr. F. Bye (Sheffield FA).
Sheffield (2-3-5): Bill Foulke (Sheffield United), Mick Whitham (Sheffield United), Ambrose Langley (The Wednesday), Rab Howell (Sheffield United), Tommy Crawshaw (The Wednesday), Jack Jones (Sheffield United), Walter Bennett (Sheffield United), Ernest Needham (Sheffield United), Jack Almond (Sheffield United), Harry Hammond (Sheffield United), Fred Spiksley (The Wednesday).
Glasgow (2-3-5): Joe Cullen (Celtic), John Caldwell (Third Lanark), Dan Doyle (Celtic), James Allison (Queen’s Park), Robert McFarlane (Queen’s Park), William Blair (Third Lanark), Peter Turnbull (Glasgow Rangers), David Pearson (Linthouse), Robert McColl (Queen’s Park), John Henderson (Celtic), William Ferguson (Celtic).
The goals: 0-1 Bennett (40 min.), 0-2 Hammond, 1-2 Allison, 1-3 Hammond, 1-4 Needham, 1-5 Needham.

Joe Cullen, Celtic F.C. (Glasgow Evening Post: September 12, 1891):


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