Strong second half display by Liverpool Reserves

September 2, 1899
At Anfield Road, in beautiful weather, before about 1,000 spectators. Both teams were thoroughly representative, Liverpool playing several of their recent captures. Fifteen minutes after the advertised time for starting had elapsed before play was initiated, the opening exchanges being decidedly in favour of Liverpool.

Cookson and Blatchford improved Skerton’s projects with a clever run, but Robert McLaren drove them back, Charlie Wilson immediately failing with a practically open goal. Blatchford by dint of clever work forced a corner, but Fryer headed over, and the leather was taken to the other end by Abe Foxall, who was playing in capital style.

Harry Storer was called upon to handle from a free kick, but he easily cleared his chare. Walter Scott got through finely, Wilson putting the ball through, only to find the point disallowed for offside. Skerton responded plucily, Cookson scoring after strong pressure.

Half-time – Skerton 1, Liverpool 0.

Liverpool started in promising form, and after a minute’s play the ball was forced past Bond after a regular Rugby scrimmage had been contsted under Skerton’s citadel. With the teams on an equal footing play brightened up considerably, and within a few minutes of the regitration of the first goal John Parkinson had given his team the lead with a fine shor.

Scott followed with yet another point, but offside again nullified the legality of the point.

Result. – Liverpool Reserves 2, Skerton1.
(Lancashire Evening Post: September 2, 1899)

Harry Storer, Liverpool (Lloyd’s Weekly News: December 1, 1895):


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