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“There have been scores of good footballers bearing the surname of Bradshaw, but the subject of this paragraph was the particular star of Liverpool some fifteen years ago, who, with Frank Becton, made the work of the opposing right half a slavery. It was a wing whose artistry set the Anfield crowd in a roar in those days, it was a wing comparable, so many people said to the Fred Wheldon-Steve Smith combination in the Villa team, and to nothing else for sheer brilliancy. And, beyond the Wheldon/Smith partnership, there was nothing in football of those days. In the same way the Fred Spiksley/Alec Brady formation was a horror to the opposing half back; it often was at Olive Grove, and I am rather inclined to place it side by side with these other two. Towards the end of his Liverpool career Bradshaw got into the habit of weaving patterns, he used to delight in beating his man single-handed what time the men in the middle were waiting for the passes which were so long in coming. In his prime, however, it was tap and touch with Becton and a swift straight pass across the goalmouth which brought many a goal. Bradshaw’s speed was sensational when he let himself go, just when the half-back had started guessing what was to come next Bradshaw would cut straight through and leave that unfortunate gaping as well as guessing. The late Tom Watson once said that ‘Bradshaw was always worth his money if only as an exhibition footballer.’”
(Star Green ‘un: September 4, 1915)

“A very fast and good centre, Bradshaw undoubtedly ranks as one of the finest rising forwards in the country at the present time. He is of medium height, and, as well as a football player, is a cricketer of more than average merit.”
(Lloyds Weekly Newspaper: February 28, 1897).

Born: August 24, 1873; Liverpool (Lancashire), England.
Passed away: December 25, 1899; London, England.

Position: Outside left.

Height: 165 cm. (5ft. 5in.);
Weight: 66 kilos (10st. 6lb.).
** Source for height and weight: Athletic News: December 21, 1896.

* Trial: Everton, April 30, 1892.
Northwich Victoria: Signed: August, 1892.
Liverpool: Signed: October 13, 1893.
* Registered with the Football League as a Liverpool F.C. player: October 14, 1893.
* Eligible to play for Liverpool F.C. in official matches: October 20, 1893.
* re-signed contract: May 1, 1895.
* re-signed contract: April 23, 1896.
Tottenham Hotspur: Signed: May 6, 1898 (outside Football League).
Thames Ironworks: Signed: May 4, 1899 (outside Football League).

England A 1-0 (v. Ireland: February 20, 1897).
English League XI 1-0 (v. Irish League: November 7, 1896).

Cricket and Football Field: May 4, 1895.
Harry Bradshaw 1895 4 May

Lloyds Weekly Newspaper: February 28, 1897.

Harry Bradshaw, Thames Ironworks (Illustrated Police Budget: November 11, 1899):

Lancashire Evening Post: December 30, 1899.

Harry Bradshaw, Everton Reserves, Northwich Victoria, Liverpool, Thames Ironworks, Tottenham Hotspur.
Harry Bradshaw, Everton Reserves, Northwich Victoria, Liverpool, Thames Ironworks, Tottenham Hotspur.

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