Patrick Finnerhan and his old birds

October 23, 1901
The annual dinner and prize distribution in connection with Wittonia Flying Club took place on Wednesday at Northwich. Mr. T. Hankey, secretary, reported the club to be in very satisfactory financial position. The prize list revealed the fact that Mr. Pat Finnerhan, the late Manchester City forward, had taken everything before him, securing no less than £13 in prize money.

His old birds won the Worcester, Swindon, and Bournemouth races, finished third and fourth in the Jersey races (284 miles), and fifth in the Nantes race (420 miles), whilst his young birds won both the Worcester and Cheltenham races.

Mr. J. Baxter (Lostock Gralam), won £4 10s.; Mr. J. Mainwaring (Northwich), £3 10s.; and Mr. A. Coppock, £3; whilst the other principal winners were Messrs. T. Parkes (Lostock), T. Hankey, R. Holt, J. Barton (Castle), Tomlinson brothers, and S. Parkes.
(Source: Manchester Courier: October 25, 1901)

Note: Patrick Finnerhan played for Liverpool during the 1897-98 season.


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