Liverpool paid Sunderland £150 for Ned Doig

August 13, 1904
It was stated in the stop press news of the “Telegraph” last night that Ned Doig, the Arbrothian and noted Sunderland goalkeeper, had signed for Liverpool for next season. It will be remembered that at the close of last season, owing to a difference with an official, Doig refused to re-sign for Sunderland, although the maximum wage was offered him.

After a while Liverpool opened out negotiations for his transfer, but they were of such a protracted nature that, although willing to go to Liverpool, the old internationalist began to think it would be as well, for family reasons, for him to remain at Sunderland, and would not have been averse of appearing for the Wearsiders once more.

It is also believed that one or two of the Directors would have been agreeable to retaining him. He was, however, sent for by Liverpool a day or two ago, and a satisfactory arrangement was come to yesterday. The transfer fee is understood to be £150.

Doig’s first appearance for Sunderland was on September 20, 1890, and since then he has played regularly and has secured four Scottish caps against England – in 1896, 1899, 1902, and 1903 – as well as other honours.
(Source: Evening Telegraph: August 13, 1904)

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