Bramall Lane – Sheffield United F.C. football ground

Saturday, October 20 – 1906
This commodious and well-appointed ground was opened in 1855, when it was leased from the Duke of Norfolk by the Sheffield United Cricket Club.

The freehold was purchased from the Duke in 1899, for £10,134, by the Sheffield United Cricket and Football Club (Limited).

The total area of freehold land is over 11 acres.

Cricket is played on the south side, and a portion on the north is devoted to football.

The most memorable Association football games played on the ground were England v Ireland, in 1887, England v Wales, in 1897, and England v Scotland in 1903 – also several English FA Cup semi-finals.

Biggest attendance: – 33,047 paid to witness the football league match between Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday, December 12th, 1903, in addition to which members estimated at 1,500 were present.

Record receipts: – £2,525 0s 6d at England v Scotland match, in 1903.

1906 Bramall Lane
(Yorkshire Evening Post, 20-10-1906)

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