Appointments at Everton Football Club

June 4, 1909
At a meeting of the directors of the Everton club, Mr. Edward Askew Bainbridge’s term as chairman having expired, Mr. Dan Kirkwood was appointed to that office, and Dr William Whitford elected vice-chairman.

Jack Sharp has been appointed captain of the first team, and Harry Makepeace his deputy, while in the second team William Stevenson is captain, and when absent his duties will fall upon Harry Mountford – no change from last season in either team.

The practice matches will be played in August 21 and 26, and the proceeds will be equally divided between the Stanley Hospital and the Hospital Saturday Fund.

At the annual meeting a fortnight ago the shareholders, referring to the loss the club had sustained by the death of their late chairman, Mr. George Mahon, suggested that the memory of their faithful directors should be perpetuated. The Board has therefore decided to purchase a silver cup, to be called the “George Mahon Challenge Cup,” and it will be competed for by the clubs in the newly formed Liverpool County Combination.
(Source: Northern Daily Telegraph: June 4, 1909)


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