Coventry F.C.: The old club and a new ground

July 21, 1910
Mr S.R. Masser presided at the annual meeting of Coventry Football Club, held at the King’s Head Hotel last night. Others present included Messrs. L.G. Pugh (Hon. Secretary), A.L. Bill (Hon. Treasurer), F.H.B. Ogden, &c.

The Chairman, moving the adoption of the report and balance sheet, which have already been published, said the club had gone through a year of great trouble both to itself and to its Committee and its supporters, but he did not propose to take up ancient history. He thought it was better that they should bury the hatchet and not revive any of their past history.

They could congratulate themselves upon the fact that they had lived through the year. They were still the old Coventry Football Club prepared to play football in their old name, he hoped, for many successful years. This had entailed an enormous amount of work upon all the officers of the club, and they had to thank them for the great efforts they made to keep the club alive.

He also thanked the playing members of the club who, with one or two exceptions, had stuck to the club through their period of distress. They also owed thanks to the neighbouring teams who, as far as he could ascertain, had not tried to allure any of the playing members from their allegiance to the old club.

Turning to the financial position, he said that in ordinary years one would have called it a disastrous balance sheet, but having regard to the circumstances of the past season he regarded it as a very hopeful balance-sheet.

They had another blow struck at them which they did not expect. They had lost their old ground for the season and, he assumed, possibly for many seasons, if not for ever. They had succeeded in obtaining another ground, and the lease had now been signed by a great number of the lessors. He was not saying that it was an ideal ground, but it was fairly centrally situated. They hoped to make a very good ground with the help of their supporters.

Mr. F.H.B. Ogden seconded the proposition, which was carried.

Mr. N.S. Dawkins proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. L.G. Pugh for his services as Hon. Secretary during the past year. Mr. Pugh was, he said, one of the most courteous and indefatigable secretaries they could possibly have. With regard to the new ground, he thought there must be a consensus of opinion that the provisions of the lease were by no means satisfactory, although he gave the Committee credit for doing all they possibly could to secure the best terms. A lease of three years with an extension to five he did not regard as quite adequate when they would be spending a considerable sum on the ground. He hoped the Committee would secure the right of purchase. He regretted that the Freemen’s Trustees did not show the club a little more generosity.

Mr. A.L. Bill seconded the vote of thanks, which was heartily carried.

Mr. Pugh, in replying, said that the loss of the Butts Cricket Ground was a sort of blessing in disguise.

The meeting the closed with a vote of thanks to the Chairman, proposed by Mr. W.H. Parker, and seconded by Mr. P. Maas.

The Chairman, referring to the remarks of Mr. Dawkins, said he did not think they had much to grumble about with regard to the lease of the new ground, and he hoped that at the end of the five years they would be able to renew the lease.

The election of officers and committee resulted as under: –
President, Mr. S.R. Masser; Captain First Team, Mr. W.L. Oldham; Vice-Captain, Mr. H.L. Gilbert; Hon. Treasurer: Mr. A.L. Bill; Hon. Secretary, Mr. F.H.B. Ogden; Captain Second Team, Mr. E.J. Bakewell; Vice-Captain, Mr. E.M. Buckley; Hon. Secretary (Second Team), Mr. E.J. Bakewell (Mr. M.V. Jones retired).

Committee: Messrs. J. Basnett, C.H. Broadhurst, Frank Hawley, Dr. Heald, Messrs. M.V. Jones, F.R. Loveitt, W.H. Parker, T. Pollard, and L.G. Pugh.
(Coventry Herald: July 22, 1910)

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