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About Andrew Kelvin:
“He is a speedy lad, and shoots on the run. But a short time after he secured his place in the Kilmarnock he figured, and soon became a favourite. His great game was in a final against the Hurlford more than a year ago, when he seemed to have a charmed foot, as every time he came up with the leather he “struck pile.” He is a very unassuming young man, and a pleasant one to deal with. Though footballers here regret his loss, there is hardly a dissenting voice wishing him luck in his new home.”
(Source: Scottish Referee: July 11, 1892)

Born: 1869.
Passed away: October 23, 1911: Kilmarnock, in Scotland.

Position: Outside right.

Height: 168 cm. (5ft. 6in.);
Weight: 67 kilos (10st. 8lb.).
* Source for height and weight: Athletic News: December 5, 1892.

Liverpool, Signed: June, 1892.
* 1892-93: 4-0 (Lancashire League); 2-0 (FA Cup).
Kilmarnock: Signed: October, 1893.

Death certificate, 1911.
Andrew Kelvin Death certificate part IAndrew Kelvin Death certificate part IIAndrew Kelvin Death certificate part III

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